Excellent, Interactive Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Point to Happy from Workman Publishing arrives with perfect timing for Autism Awareness Month which is the month of April. It’s a book designed specifically for kids on the autism spectrum. But really, it’s a great book for all kids, too!

I believe this is a wonderful gift for parents with kids on the spectrum because it specifically addresses social cues, routines of the day, emotions like happy and sad, actions like hug, things to eat, loud and quiet, close and near, playing, toys, colors, and body parts. It also includes two pages for you to paste in your own photos and pointing directions.

To read the book, use the attached yellow hand pointer, listen, and respond. Point to Happy uses photographs, which is perfect since kids love photographs of other kids and can relate better. Each page has minimal text (again, perfect) and asks for the child to point to something or do something. You’ll see photos with text like the following examples.

The boy is happy.

Point to happy.


The girl wants a drink.

The girl says please.

Point to please.


Daddy hugs.

Point to a hug.

Give me a hug.


Interactive? Yes.

Fun? Yes.

Important? Yes.

Educational? Yes.

Expensive? No. ($13.57 at Amazon.)

Here is a sneak peak of Point to Happy.

Grandmother, Miriam Smith, and her daughter, Afton Fraser, created this book to help Afton’s son Griffin, who is on the spectrum. Watch them talk about the book in this YouTube video.


Workman Publishing is offering an Imagination Soup reader their own copy of Point to Happy. Leave a comment below by April 17, 2011 and you’ll be entered to win. Winner will be chosen at random.


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  1. says

    looks like a great book! – not only for children on the spectrum but children with general delays, language delays etc.! While I’d love to win this, I’ll probably just go out and buy it…but enter me anyway…who knows, I might win it! :)

  2. Susan Simmons says

    Thanks for the suggestion. Autism kids are sure to enjoy this book! Would love to have it for use in my classroom. I have 2 students out of 34 4th graders who are on the spectrum.

  3. Laura says

    Put me in for the competition if it is allowed for those in UK, it looks a great book! Sadly it is more expensive on amazon.co.uk (about the same £s as dollars) and our charity status preschool is on a very tight budget..

  4. Patricia Brown says

    This sounds great!! What a great idea to help our students with autism. I would love to have this to use in my classroom. I am also going to suggest this book to my students’ parents. This is something they could also do at home and have fun together!!

  5. Suzanne says

    Such and important set of skills and so easy to overlook–Good reminder for me to introduce this concept to the pre-service teachers in my night classes.

  6. says

    Thanks for posting about the book. I didn’t know about it but it looks great! Also thanks for the heads up about Autism Awareness Month. I can not seem to keep track of these things!

  7. Jeremy Brown says

    Point to Happy would be an amazing book to add to my elementary autism classroom as part of our Morning Meeting. My students would really benefit from the visuals and such important concepts to teach!

    – Mr. Brown’s Elementary Autism Class @ Meadow Hall Elementary School in Rockville, MD

  8. says

    Fabulous book for all children with special needs. Highly interactive while incorporating etiquette skills. I will most certainly consider purchasing a copy to complement my etiquette classes.

  9. Gretchen says

    Great book. I would put it to good use as a special education consultant on our autism resource team!

  10. Brianna B says

    I just found out today after a vist from the Birth to 3 program that my son may be autistic.. he needs further testing to determine. Id like to enjoy this with him.

  11. Jayne Dudley says

    This sounds like a great book. I have a nephew on the autism spectrum and this would be a wonderful addition to his library. Also, in my classroom I have 2 students who this would be perfect for.


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