20 Exciting LEGO Books for Kids

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From LEGO early readers to books with LEGO projects, you will find your next favorite LEGO book on this list. These children’s books will get your kids reading and playing!

Find a Good LEGO Book!

Do your kids love LEGOs as much as mine? From LEGO picture books and early readers to LEGO ideas and projects, here are the best, kid-approved LEGO children's books. These books will get your kids READING and playing!

LEGO Book Choices For New Readers Ages 6 to 9

mystery on the lego express

Mystery on the LEGO Express LEGO CITY by Trey King, illustrated by Sean Wang
Someone on the express train has stolen Marilyn Money’s golden statue! Written like in comic book style, this is a funny action picture book with a puzzling mystery. (If you like this book, check out all the LEGO City books!)

fire truck to the rescue lego city

Fire Truck to the Rescue LEGO CITY Level 1 by Sonia Sandler
The fire fighters in LEGO city race to put out a fire. Colorful artwork and a fun story make this an engaging early reader. You might also like: Calling All Cars! and Space Escape Comic Reader.

around town lego dk

Around Town LEGO DK Readers by Victoria Taylor
LEGO fans, you’re going to LOVE reading this early reader LEGO book. We know a six year old who says this is his favorite book ever.

Fun in LEGO City Coloring Book
This is a coloring book adventure with simple text, mazes, connect-the-dots, and stickers.

Birthday Helpers (Level 3) by Steve Foxe
Harl Hubbs is a handyman who loves helping people, even on his birthday. But today, everyone wants to thank Harl.

Ninjago “Warriors of Stone” by Greg Farshtey and Jolyon Yates
Experience another fun adventure with Jay, Cole, Zane, Kai, and Sensei. In this graphic novel story, the friends find themselves in a world of stone — even the people are made of stone. If you have a Ninjago or LEGO fan, they’ll love this series of illustrated graphic novels. Go here for more LEGO Ninjago books.

lego dc superheroes

LEGO DC Superheroes Last Laugh Comic Reader #2 by Trey King, illustrated by Kenny Kiernan
LEGOs star in this comic book story about the DC villains versus the DC superheroes. I love how fun these are to read. More LEGO DC comic books here.

LEGO Friends: Lights, Camera, Girl Power!

Lights, Camera, Girl Power! by Cathy Hapka
My 2nd grader loved this story – it’s perfect for fans of LEGO Friends ready for chapter books. More LEGO Friends books here.

These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For (LEGO Star Wars): A Search-and-Find Book

LEGO Star Wars: These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For by Ameet Studio
If your kids like LEGO and Star Wars, they’ll love this fun activity book!

LEGO Book Choices for Ages 8 to 12

365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks by Simon Hugo with Alice Finch
Get creative LEGO play ideas for every day of the year. From building towers to LEGO magic tricks, there are so many exciting and unique ideas in this LEGO book!

Build it! Volume 1 Make Supercool Models with your LEGO Classic Set by Jennifer Kemmeter
Use the Classic LEGO set to follow the instructions for exciting projects such as animals, transportation, buildings, and more. We like that this book doesn’t require purchasing anything we don’t already own! Plus, the LEGO builds start a child’s foundational learning in building. If you like this LEGO book, there are many more volumes with projects like the medieval world, trains, dinosaurs, and more.

LEGO Star Wars: Battle for the Stolen Crystals Brickmaster

LEGO Star Wars: Battle for the Stolen Crystals Brickmaster by DK
Visually appealing and entertaining to read, this is a Star Wars adventure story that gives readers directions on how to build the models in the story as they experience it. So well done!

The LEGO Adventure Book

The LEGO Adventure Book Robots, Planes, Cities & More! Nearly 150 Models + 40 Brick-by-Brick Breakdowns by Megan H. Rothrock
My kids LOVE this book!! Like, couldn’t put it down love. The reason is it an action-packed photo / cartoon story plus instructions for making what’s in the story. New characters and models are introduced in each story vignette. If you’re going to get a LEGO book, I highly recommend this one!

the lego build it book amazing vehicles

The LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles by Nathanael Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni
I think the step-by-step photograph directions for how to make ten vehicles such as a street rod or rescue truck are fantastic and easy to follow. What’s more, all of these models use the same LEGOS bricks!

lego awesome ideas

LEGO Awesome Ideas: What Will You Build? by Daniel Lipkowitz
Photographs and breakdowns of projects from outer space, modern day, the wild west, the real world, and a fantasy land will inspire your young builder. Be prepared, you’ll need a lot of bricks to make these projects.

lego play book

LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life by Daniel Lipkowitz
200 project ideas from Once Upon a Time to Things That Go Bump In the Night, this book shares stories and project inspirations. Warning: you’ll want to buy tons of bricks to start building these ideas! More LEGO building books here.

The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Brian Lyles and Jason Lyles
Follow step-by-step instructions for multistory buildings and other build accessories such as benches, traffic lights, and chairs.

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path
Kids love to read choose your own adventures. In this LEGO book, make decisions about creatures, vehicles, locations, and characters. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands — no pressure. Star Wars LEGO settings and characters are in full photographs.

LEGO Pop Up by Matthew Reinhart
Once again, Reinhart has created an impressive pop up book that tells stories, shares comics and facts, and best of all, has incredible pop-ups, pull-tabs, and turning wheels. If you like pop up books and LEGO, you’re going to want to own this fun pop up book!
*Make your pop up book out of LEGO with this kit!

DK LEGO Star Wars Chronicles of the Force by Adam Bray and Cole Horton
If you love Star Wars, this is an excellent introductory guide to the sci-fi series as reenacted by LEGO. From the light side to the dark side, you’ll read about important characters, plot lines, timelines, space ships, weapons, and much more. Plus, this nonfiction book includes a special minifigure. More LEGO Star Wars books.

the lego book

The LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz
Fascinating! Learn the history of LEGOs then discover the play themes and the newest themed parks.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary DK by Simon Beecroft and Jason Fry
This is a book for collectors. If you’re a LEGO Star War enthusiast, with a lot of sets, and dreams for more, this is your book.


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