Best Easy (Beginning) Chapter Books for 6- and 7- Year Olds

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1st grade kids who are learning to read and ready for chapter books, usually ages 6 and 7 years old, need the easiest easy chapter books.

This list of chapter books has around 1 – 5 sentences per page and lots of illustrations, good choices for children in kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.


If you’re looking for beginning chapter books that are a bit more difficult than these, you’ll find those on beginning chapter books for 7-year-olds.

If you are looking for easy readers, visit this page.

How do you know if a book is at the right reading level for your child?

1. Glance over the density and size of the text. Look at the illustrations. At this age and reading level, you’ll want to find beginning chapter books that have bigger text sizes and plenty of illustrations.

2. Kids can also do the five finger test to see if the book is just right, too easy, or too hard. Remember, if you get a book that is too hard, soon it will be just right.

3. If you know your child’s DRA or Guided Reading level, use these to help YOU,  the adult, not your child, in making book selections. But please don’t limit children to specific levels. Remember that kids are more than a number or letter and these levels aren’t perfect. I’m only adding them to help you figure out books that your child can read.

(Note: Sometimes it is okay to read books that are too hard. But, I’ve found that with many beginning readers who are building confidence and efficacy, difficult books can lead to a lack of confidence and low motivation to read. Use your best judgment. If they want to read a difficult book, give them help.)

Beginning Chapter Books for 6- and 7- Year Olds (1st Grade)

But there are so many more beginning chapter books that I LOVE from other publishers. Here are incredible easy chapter books that kids can’t put down. Encourage your children to reread their favorites. Rereading builds fluency and confidence. (For harder beginning chapter books, visit this page — books for 7 year olds in 2nd grade.)


See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog
by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Kids who like silly stories will want to read this story again and again! Read the story that the narrator tells then on the opposite page, read Dog’s arguments disagreeing with the narrator’s story. There is no “blue cat in a green dress” argues the dog! But maybe they both are right? The repetition of words and similar short text structure makes this an excellent choice for growing readers.

Doggo & Pupper
by Katherine Applegate, illustrated by Charlie Alder
Readers will adore this darling, heartwarming friendship story with repetition, minimal text, and illustrations that narrate much of the story. Doggo’s life is the same old thing –that is, until Pupper comes along. At first, Doggo is annoyed by Pupper’s energetic antics but when Pupper returns from obedience school and is a diminished, unhappy version of himself, Doggo just wants the old Pupper back. And he knows just what to do…

Kitty and Dragon
by Meika Hashimoto, illustrated by Gillian Reid
In three sweet friendship stories, meet Kitty and her new friend, Dragon who live together in a cave. The first story is about Kitty finding the cave and her new friend. Buy the book and or read the darling stories on the popular Epic website.
easiest easy / beginning chapter books for new readers ages 6 and 7
Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot The Voodoo Vultures from Venus
 by Dav Pilkey, illustrated by Dan Santat
DRA 20
Guided Reading L
Kudos to Dav Pilkey and Dan Santat for creating such an action-packed, engaging series for young readers with fantastic full-color illustrations. I predict that once your kid reads this first book, they’ll want all the books in this beginning chapter book series.
The Quiet Boat Ride and Other Stories (Fox + Chick)
by Sergio Ruzzier
There’s such a sweetness in the playful adventures of two friends who, like Frog and Toad, have distinct personalities yet always support each other. That combined with the delectable comic panel illustrations plus easy text in dialogue bubbles make this book a new favorite.

Fox + Chick #2: The Party and Other Stories
by Sergio Ruzzier
Fox and Chick remind me of an updated Frog and Toad or George and Martha. The humorous stories revolve around two friends who have different personalities and don’t always communicate well but remain the best of friends. Growing readers will love these two friends whose low-key adventures are illustrated in comic panels with dialogue bubbles.

The Sleepover and Other Stories (Fox + Chick)
by Sergio Ruzzier
The Fox & Chick series continues with another very funny book of stories illustrated with cartoon panels and dialogue bubbles about two best friends, Fox and Chick, each of who has very different personalities. Fox is serious and kind while Chick is goofy and playful. 
best easy chapter books
Nate the Great
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, illustrated by Marc Simont
DRA 18
Guided Reading K
Nate introduces readers to how to be a detective and find things— even if it’s for small cases such as a friend’s lost picture. Don’t miss the learning activities located at the end of the book. (Also on: Wholesome Easy Chapter Books for Boys)
Infamous Ratsos easy chapter BOOKS FOR 6 and 7 YEAR OLDS
The Infamous Ratsos
by Kara Lareau, illustrated by Matt Myers
DRA 20
Guided Reading L
I loved this book! Louie and Ralphie Ratso keep trying to do mean, tough-guy things but every time it ends up helping someone. Ultimately, both boys and their dad decide to go with kindness but before they do, their experiences are very funny.
beginning reader books
Pinch and Dash and the Terrible Couch
by Michael J. Daley
Perfect for very beginning readers who don’t want to read nonsensical phonics books. Pinch and Dash has charming characters, a silly problem, and a perfect ending.

King and Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth
by Dori Hillestad Butler, illustrated by Nancy Meyers
King is Kayla’s beloved dog. Only he’s not just her best friend but in this story, he also helps her find her missing lost tooth.

Best Easy Chapter Books for 6- and 7- Year Olds
Meet Mo and Jo: The Boulder Brothers
 by Sarah Lynn, illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby
DRA 16
Guided Reading I
If your first-grade child likes to laugh, they’ll love these silly stories about two adventurous cave boys. Readers will find a combination of comic bubble dialogue and narrative text. For example, “The skunk liked the stink. Can MO and Jo run faster than the skunk?” is the narrative text while the dialogue bubbles on the same page are “Uh-oh! He mad” and “Run, Mo!” Goofy but it works.

Esme’s Birthday Conga Line
by Lourdes Heyer, illustrated by Marissa Valdez
Esme lives with her grandparents but since they didn’t plan her a birthday part, she decides to plan one for herself. Her plan includes and involves her neighbors like the Gracia girls who help her make the piñatas and Lupe who bakes the cake under Esme’s watchful eye and Mr. Leon who plays a solo on Esme’s new guitar. Enthusiastic Esme with her can-do attitude is sure to be a favorite with readers!

Bug Scouts Out in the Wild
by Mike Lowery (graphic novel)
Beginning readers will love this exciting and hilarious friendship adventure graphic novel–with incredible art from author/illustrator Mike Lowery! Three bug friends have a super secret headquarters where they get to earn bug badges. The friends start on their first badge–foraging but then they spy a frog!! And frogs EAT bugs! These bug scouts find a great solution– they use the spider’s hammock web to trap the frog. Hmmm…what badge can you earn for that?

Bug Scouts Camp Out
by Mike Lowery
The Bug Scouts are excited to spend the night camping in a tent. First, they spray bug spray and set up the tent. Later, at the campfire, they sing songs and tell stories but, they get scared of the monster noises. Now, what will they do? Filled with hilarious dialogue and bugs who problem-solve like the scouts they are, this is a delightful graphic novel story.

Scholastic Branches Easiest Beginning Chapter Books

Have you seen the easy beginning chapter books from the Scholastic Branches series? They are high-interest and easy to read with colorful illustrations. Plus, if your kids get hooked they all have more in the series.

Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe Picture Day
by Susan Nees
DRA 20
Guided Reading L
This is a great easy chapter book for kindergarten or 1st-grade kids just beginning to read chapter books with bright and friendly illustrations to match the fun antics of Missy. (1 – 4 sentences per page.)

All Paws on Deck (Haggis and Tank Unleashed #1)
by Jessica Young (series)
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
In a word: HILARIOUS! These two dog friends with opposite personalities sail on a fun and silly pirate adventure. You will fall in love with Tank and Haggis. (2-4 sentences per page and lots of colorful illustrations.)

I’m giddy about this magical, sweet new series — this first book is absolutely enchanting, and not in a cheesy way at all. I love the diary format, we feel connected to the main character Bo (short for Rainbow) as he shares about his life in Sparklegrove Forest where he lives along with other magical creatures. I loved the plot about a new friend, disappointments, helping others, and figuring out what’s really important in life — friendship!

Happy Paws: Layla and the Bots
by Vicky Fang, illustrated by Christine Nishiyama
Layla wants to help her amusement park owner friend keep the park open. She investigates the problem then figures out a solution…people want to bring their dogs. She brainstorms ideas and invents new rides that help solve the problem. An entertaining, STEM-focused story.

Mister Shivers Shadow in the Woods and Other Scary Stories
(An Acorn Book) by Max Brallier
Yes, some kids like scary stories. (I’m surprised because I don’t.) But if you know a child who does, this book with easy-to-read text and short, illustrated stories will become a much-loved favorite.

Kung Pow Chicken Let’s Get Cracking!
by Cyndi Marko
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Open this early chapter book and you’ll think you’re reading a comic or picture book, it’s that colorful and also full of speech bubbles. Gordon Blue, an ordinary second-grade chicken accidentally developed superpowers in his uncle’s laboratory. (It happens.) When chickens start losing their feathers all in one POOF!, it’s up to Gordon, aka. Kung Pow Chicken, and his little brother, Egg Drop, to solve this catastrophe before everyone in town ends up feather-less. It’s funny, easy to read, and an entertaining story. (1 – 4 sentences per page.)

Owl Diaries Eva’s Treetop Festival
by Rebecca Elliott
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
This series pops with cute diary entries with colorful illustrations; it’s just right for beginning readers, particularly girls. In this book, Eva writes in a diary all about getting the Bloomtastic Festival put together and how she eventually learns to ask friends for help. (A few sentences per page, lots of picture support.)

Olive & Beatrix The Super Smelly Moldy Blob
by Amy Marie Stadelmann
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
It’s science fair time and these twins, one who is a witch and one who is a super smart science nerd, are in it to win it. Except disaster happens when the girls fight and their projects combine to form a huge green blog that absorbs everything. It will take both their skills to fix this slimy problem. An enjoyable book series for 5- and 6- year old readers. (A few sentences per page, lots of picture support.)

Press Start! Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy!
by Thomas Flintham
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Attention gamers! You’re going to love this easy-to-read adventure about a boy playing a game where evil King Viking and his robot army are trying to ruin everyone’s fun. In the game, Super Rabbit Boy must level up to save the town but of course, it takes the boy’s skill or not to do so. The boy keeps getting killed and he only has one life left! Colorful cartoons show the pixelated game with simple text good for new readers. Boys and girls in second grade are going to love this video game adventure. (5 – 8 sentences per page.)

Boris Gets a Lizard
by Andrew Joyner
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Boris is a wildly imaginative boy who wants a pet Komodo dragon. In fact, it’s his wild imagination that prompts him to tell his entire class that he’ll be not only getting a Komodo dragon but that they can all see it. (Which isn’t exactly true. At all.) And, it’s that same imagination that saves the day when there is no Komodo Dragon but many excited visitors who Boris doesn’t want to disappoint. Appealing colorful illustrations accompany this fabulous simple early chapter book for beginning readers. (1 – 4 sentences per page.)

Best Books for 7 Year Olds (Second Grade)

Catnapped! Puppy Pirates by Erin Soderbergh
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Calling all dog lovers! Read about the most awesome pirate puppies who due to an unfortunate prank one pulled, are now prisoners on the pirate kitten’s ship –with no escape. This is a charming and funny rollicking adventure and #3 in the new Puppy Pirate series. See also: Puppy Pirates #1 Stowaway and Puppy Pirates #2 x Marks the Spot.

The Magic Mirror (Once Upon a Fairy Tale)
by Anna Staniszewski, illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
DRA 28-30
Guided Reading N
When Kara learns the ice princess is in trouble, she and her best friend Zed travel to the ice palace to help fix a magic mirror. They also want to help the argumentative sisters get along and share their beloved pet monkey between them. Will the friends be able to solve both problems?

Easy / Beginning Chapter Books for 1st Graders Continued

easy beginning chapter books
Meet Yasmin!
by Saadia Faruqui, illustrated by Hatem Aly
Yasmin is an exuberant girl who is interested in everything from exploring to building to fashion. This book tells four short stories from Yasmin’s life, all in chapters with lively, full-color illustrations. Each story shows Yasmin as a creative problem solver even when things get hard. Her Pakistani American culture is embedded throughout the story such as the foods Yasmin’s family eats like naan or how she calls her father Baba. I LOVE the diversity, the gutsy main character, and the beautiful design of the entire book.
 best easy chapter books DRA 24 guided reading M
Princess in Black
by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham
DRA 24
Guided Reading
Level M
Princess Magnolia isn’t a regular royal — she’s also a monster-fighting superhero. Girl-power adventures that are also funny and entertaining. (If you like The Princess in Black, you’ll also like these books.)
Easy Chapter Books for First Grade
Bink & Gollie Best Friends Forever
 by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, illustrated by Tony Fucile
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
The second book of funny Bink and Gollie (mis)adventures in friendship and life filled wonderful color illustrations. Get the first book here. This popular series is a favorite with many girls.

The Fabled Stables Willa the Wisp
by Jonathan Auxier, illustrated by Olga Demidova
Auggie, the only human, lives on an island of mythical creatures but he’s lonely. When a new stall magically appears, Auggie enters and meets a Wisp who is hunted by ruthless magical poachers. It’s a darling start to a new series perfect for fantasy-loving readers.

Fenway and the Bone Thieves
by Victoria J. Coe, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff
Written from Fenway’s hilarious doggie point of view, readers will delight in Fenway’s complete bone obsession and his determination to keep it away from the squirrels. His paranoia leads to him burying the bone so NO one can find it, including him. His solution? Dig a million holes to find it. Read the next book, Fenway and the Frisbee Trick about Fenway learning a frisbee trick in his own, unique way.

The Odyssey and Henry’s Box: The Adventures of Charlie & Baxter
 by Sarah J. Aris, illustrated by Sarah Nieves
Siblings find a robot in their basement and use their coding ability to make it time travel back to 1849 where they help Henry “Box” Brown ship himself out of slavery. I’m excited to see kids of color in a historical time travel book!

Nugget and Hot Dog
 by Jason Tharp
Perfect for readers who like silliness, puns, and good conquering evil, this is the story of two friends, Dog and Nugget, who live in Gastropolis and start a kindness club to fight evil like the dastardly Dijon Mustard. 
Best Easy Chapter Books for 6- and 7- Year Olds
Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton (series)
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Narwhal is exuberant to meet Jellyfish, his new imaginary friend who is imagining Narwhal at the same time. Although Jellyfish is more serious, you’ll love their adventures — forming a pod, having parties, eating waffles, and imagining. This is a feel-good friendship adventure told in graphic (cartoon) format that I absolutely loved. 5- and 6-year-olds will, too! (Next in the series: Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt.)
Best Books for 7 Year Olds
The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
A MUST-READ series for all kids! These combine mystery, history, magic, and adventure as siblings Jack and Annie adventure through time. If you love The Magic Tree House series, you’ll also like these books.

Arnold and Louise The Great Lousweezie
by Erica S. Perl, illustrated by Chris Chatterton
I like the simple text and illustrations in this easy chapter book series. Even better is the message of friendship. Arnold isn’t too sure that Louise can predict the future but he is kind enough to find a way to make sure Louise knows she’s valued.

Our Principal is a Scaredy-Cat
 by Stephanie Calmenson, illustrated by Aaron Blecha
Get ready for a silly story with an edge of scary! The principal, Mr. Bundt, finds a hat on the way to school. He never realizes (*but readers do) that the hat belongs to someone — and that someone wants it back. Scared at the voice who demands the hat’s return, he asks the magician for help. Luckily, the (skeleton) owner gets his hat back and stops haunting Mr. Bundt. Goofy and fun.
Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca Best Books for 6 and 7 Year Olds (Second Grade)
Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca by Jacquline Jules (series)
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Perfecto! My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sofia — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). Illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente.
good books for 7 year olds
Pug Pals Two’s a Crowd
by Flora Ahn
DRA 20 – 24
Guided Reading M
Sunny’s whole life is turned upside down when her owner brings home a new sister, Rosy. It’s hard to share her owner’s time, and especially hard to share her toys. Adorable illustrations show these personality-filled pugs who eventually develop a solid sister bond while looking for Sunny’s lost Mr. Bunny toy.

Searching for Stinkodon
by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Judy’s brother Stink will not stop digging up their backyard until he finds dinosaur bones. Eventually, Judy finds hides a bone for him to find. But in a surprising twist, Stink finds something else — is it a real bone from a sabertooth tiger? You’ll love the sweet relationship between these siblings!
Jessica Finch good books for 7 year olds
Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Jessica Finch is a delightful early chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations. Jessica wants nothing more than a pig for a pet. For her birthday. When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names. This is one of my top picks for an early chapter book, I loved it! BOXED SET

Dragons of Ember City: Happy Spark Day
by Shane Richardson and Sarah Marino
This is a sweet story of dragon friends with appealing, full-color illustrations that pop off the page! Three young dragon friends feel excited to get their magical spark at Spark Day. Afterward, there’s a big celebration, but two of the dragons get carried away with their fun and break the special disco ball. Three of them work together to fix it using all their Sparks, and their mayor predicts they’ll do great things with their magical powers.

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue
by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie
Kittie’s mom is a superhero with cat powers but Kitty isn’t ready to do what her mom does. However, when her mom is gone, a cat named Figaro comes to her that needs help. Kitty wants to help so she decides to be brave. Wearing her cat costume, she travels through the night to help her new cat friends– and discovers she can do more than she thought possible.

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero!
by Kara West, illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
When Mia gets accepted into the Superhero training program, she learns that she is SUPER. She even learns that her parents are, also. After school at her new superhero training, she has a disastrous first day and learns that it takes work to become a superhero. Black and white illustrations, bigger print, and an exciting story make this a winning series for growing readers.

Pug Blasts Off (Diary of a Pug)
by Kyla May
DRA 28, Guided Reading N
Narrated in diary format by a lovable pug named Bub with plenty of illustrations and large-sized text, we learn that Bub is afraid of water but loves to craft just like his person, Bella. In fact, he’s going to help her invent the best craft project ever. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when a mischievous squirrel interferes. Bub must face his biggest fears in order to fix things for Bella. Luckily, he’s a brilliant problem solver! *For harder BRANCHES chapter books, visit the best books for 7-year-olds list.

Hero Dog!
by Hilde Lysiak and Matthew Lysiak, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff
DRA 28
Guided Reading O
A writer named Hilde and her sister Izzy help their neighbors find out who is stealing baked goods from people’s homes. Hilde hopes she can solve this case and write about it for the Orange Street News. The sisters observe carefully. Finally, they put together the clues with the help of a dog with a good nose and crack the case.

Best Books for 7 Year Olds (Second Grade)
Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive!
by Jack Chabert, illustrated by Sam Ricks
DRA 34
Guided Reading O
Sam isn’t thrilled about becoming a hall monitor. Especially when he discovers that the school is ALIVE and trying to harm him and the other students. Sam has quite a wild adventure trying to save the students from the school. I think kids who like sort of scary things (it’s not too bad) will enjoy this book. Box set of 6 books here.

Scaredy Monster
by Meika Hashimoto, illustrated by Steve Lambe
Read about a lovable monster with a typical kid life. The stories are about losing a tooth, riding a bike, and going to a slumber party. I particularly love the sweet relationship he has with his mom. Sure to be a new kid-favorite beginning chapter book.

Geeger the Robot Goes to
by Jarret Lerner
Geeger the robot eats everything. When he starts attending school, this is a problem and he makes all sorts of mistakes. Fortunately, his kind teachers help him learn what to eat and when to eat– which helps him make new friends. Cute and silly. Sure to be a new favorite with growing readers.

Our Principal is a Frog
 by Stephanie Calmenson, illustration Aaron Blecha
DRA 28-30
Guided Reading N
I love this SHORT, engaging story about a great school principal who is accidentally turned into a frog by a bumbling magician. But, this is one dedicated leader. He finds a way to keep running the school — even as an amphibian.
Katie Woo’s Neighborhood
by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Laura Zarrin
Short stories about cheerful, positive Katie, a girl who visits the dentist, bakes cupcakes, visits a farm, and rescues a kitten.

Geraldine Pu and Her Lunch Box, Too
 by Maggie P. Chang
Ghis beginning graphic novel shows the hurt and angry feelings that happen when a boy makes fun of Geraldine’s lunch. Initially, Geraldine feels awful and wants to bring something different to eat but she eventually embraces her favorite foods prepared by her Amah and helps another boy do the same — even when other kids say it’s stinky. A wonderful back-to-school graphic novel that shows the importance of pride in your own identity and acceptance of differences.

Charlie & Mouse #3 Even Better
by Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Emily Hughes
Sweet stories with a dash of humor show a loving family and a close sibling relationship. I like the repeated use of phrases in each story that provide a familiar cadence and set children up for reading success.

Donut Feed the Squirrels
by Mika Song
Norma and Belly are squirrel friends who really, really want a donut. Can they work together, sneak in a food truck, and have the biggest ever donut party ever? Minimal text, plenty of silliness, and a lovely surprise ending!
Bug is a wiggly kid who has written a list of very important don’ts. His advice is clearly well earned since he knows just what will happen if he does those things. For example: Don’t spray whipped cream into your mouth for breakfast. Don’t make armpit fart sounds when Ms. Musnter bends over. And so on. Read exactly what happens when Bug does everything on his list of don’ts.
Rainbow Magic Fairies by Daisy Meadows
DRA 20 (around this– it depends on the specific book)
Guided Reading L
These are very predictable but kids ADORE these books, they are some of the most checked-out books at our library. They’re about two human girls who are trusted to help the magical fairies search for something Jack Frost’s goblins stole. (Every. Single. Time.)

Best Beginning Nonfiction Books for 6 – and 7-Year-Olds

Fly Guy Presents Sharks
Fly Guy Presents Sharks by Tedd Arnold
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Visit the aquarium with Buzz and Fly Guy to learn about sharks in this terrific easy non-fiction reader. I LOVE how Arnold combines cartoons with photographs!

Fly Guy Presents Snakes
by Tedd Arnold
DRA 24
Guided Reading M
Fly Guy and Buzz visit the zoo’s Snake House to learn all about reptiles like snakes. The facts are informative yet written in a way that makes them accessible to growing readers. “Scales are made of keratin–the same material as human fingernails.

Fly Guy Presents: Space
by Tedd Arnold DRA 18 Guided Reading K

National Geographic Penguins!
by Anne Schreiber
DRA 24 Guided Reading M

Nonfiction Books for 5- and 6-Year- Olds
Willow The Therapy Dog (Doggy Defenders)adob

Willow works as a therapy dog to help people feel better if they are sad — like patients in the hospital and students at a school and retired veterans. And the photos of Willow in her pajamas after a long day of work are absolutely adorable.

Amazing Dogs Must-Read NonFiction for Kids Ages 5 and 6  
 Amazing Dogs DK Level 2
by Laura Buller
Not only is this nonfiction book relatable because of most kids interest in dogs, but it’s also fascinating. (I learned a few things myself.) Talk about a great high-interest nonfiction book for beginning readers!

I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. nonfiction book list for 5 and 6
I am Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ordinary People Change the World) by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos
This nonfiction book series is a great choice for growing readers. The text to picture ratio is perfect and the narrative is interesting.

*GO TO All nonfiction book recommendations for beginning readers.*

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