EPIC! Online Books for Kids

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Epic! is an app and website that provides children’s books in the form of ebooks for a monthly membership fee. However, you can try Epic! FREE for one month. Which is what I recommend.

EPIC Online Books for Kids

Epic book app for kids review

Things We Like About Epic!

1. I like the “Read To Me” option because it lets kids follow along in the text while hearing the words.

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

2. It’s nice that Epic! offers some “Audiobook” options, too. However, you can’t read along with these stories which I dislike for picture books because you really need the pictures to comprehend the story!

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

3. Epic is FREE for teachers and students can connect to their teachers to earn classroom reward points.

4. Every time you click on a book, you’re told the age range, estimated reading time, and brief summary. This is helpful information to decide if it’s in your interest and ability level.

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

5. Where ever you stop reading, Epic! marks your place so if you want to pick the book back up, you can get started from where you left off.

6. Epic! records the time it took to read a book. This is good and bad. Good for parents to make sure kids don’t skip to the end and read a chapter book in 30 seconds but bad if you leave your browser or app open since it will show you took 7.9 hours to read a few pages. (see below)

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

7. Kids will like that they can search by key words and by many categories such as recommended, popular, adventure, fantasy, funny, sports, mystery, world history, science, and more.

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

8. The resolution on this app is excellent.

9. Whether good or bad, I’m not certain but there are lots of videos — some about picture books and some, informational.

Review: EPIC! Books for Kids App

10. It’s a great way to bring books with you on the go. The app works on iOS, Android, and tablets.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth the monthly fee to have access to the books online?

It probably depends on your child and what type of books he or she wants to read.

Try it for the free month to see what you think.

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