Learn to Count and Skip Count

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Got some time?  Count.  Count in the car.  Count on a walk.  Count making dinner.   By 1s, by 10s, by 2s, by 5s.  Counting is fun but takes repetition.

Count by ones (1s) to one hundred (100)


    • Count from one and see how high you can go!
    • Count your fingers — make sure that you have ten.
    • Hap Palmer music CD with the Number March song.
    • Play an online counting game from abc.net.
    • Count all the _________ you see  (trees, blue cars, red lights.)
    • Make up a counting song.
    • Count all your snack items.
    • Play hopscotch.

Count by tens (10s)
(Also called skip counting by 10s.)

    • Read the book Chica Chica 123.
    • Teach your child how to count by 10s by counting by 10s up to 50.  Then, as your child masters it, continue on up to 100.

Count by twos (2s)

    • Teach the cheer, “2, 4, 6, 8, Who do we appreciate?  _______ (insert child’s name) Go, ____________!”
    • Play a Dot to Dot online game by 2s from abcya.
    • Learn a song. Musical counting by twos from Garden of Praise
    • Read this book about counting penguins by twos.

Count by fives (5s)


    • Start counting by 5s by saying “5, 10, 15, 20.”  Have your child say it with you.  Repeat.  Add on when ready.
    • Play this online Halloween game for kids with sequences of five, starting at any number!
    • Count nickles.
    • Use your hand and high five someone else while counting by fives.

Practice makes better. Keep practicing and you’ll see your kids catch on.


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  1. nice ideas..I am gonna check out the halloween page..my son has always been a great counter and starting out by 5s would be a great idea.