Writing requires children to use fine motor skills, knowledge of phonics and grammar plus creativity, writing craft skills, and writing strategies.

In other words, it’s a multifaceted process.

I can help.

Here you’ll discover great ideas to get kids excited about the writing process, creative writing, and different writing formats.

Writing Resources

Want kids to LOVE to writing?

Teach them skills and strategies of what good writing is — the craft moves– using high-quality children’s books. 

Use children’s books as mentor texts; books that exemplify / model the writing craft you’re teaching.

Here are some other popular and helpful tools to encourage writing.

writing ideas for kids

Writing Mentor Texts

Using published children’s books as mentor texts is a wonderful way to model for children what good writers do. 

Mentor text children’s books help children apprentice themselves to published authors and apply the writing crafts to their own writing. 

Here are some resources to get you started.

Writing Prompts & Activities

I’m a big fan of finding a way to get children interested in writing. Try these ideas to see what will work for the children in your life.

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