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Book Club for Kids

Grab my 26-page downloadable book to help you start any kids’ book club.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to get started with…

  • organization tips
  • planning worksheets
  • sample parent letters
  • curated lists of age-appropriate books
  • discussion questions
  • activity and food ideas

Reading Challenge for Kids

Download my 24-page printable 7,000 Minutes Reading Challenge to help your kids read 20 minutes a day = 7,300 minutes a year!

What you get…

  • 3 30-day reading tracker coloring pages
  • 16 coloring reading challenge bookmarks
  • 26 craft stick reading prompts
  • 13 book lists for ages 6 to 12

Reading Journal for Kids

Want to get your kids excited about the books they’re reading?

Give the Reading Journal + a stack of good books, and watch your readers…

  • curl up with more books
  • write about their favorite books
  • remember what they read
  • analyze books and their personal preferences