How to Start a Book Club for Kids

HOW TO: Start a Kids’ Book Club!


How can you make reading more fun?

Are your children or students unmotivated to read?

Do they miss spending time with family and friends?

Maybe they don’t even like reading?

how to start a book club for kdis

Make reading

– social

– interactive

– fun

by starting a BOOK CLUB!

How to Start a Book Club

But how would a book club work?

And who would you invite?

It can be daunting to think through all the details.

Don’t worry. I can help with all the details!

Introducing my HOW TO START A BOOK CLUB FOR KIDS book!

Grab my 26-page downloadable book to help you start any kind of kids’ book club.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to get started with…

  • organization tips
  • planning worksheets
  • sample parent letters
  • curated lists of age-appropriate books
  • discussion questions
  • activity and food ideas
  • and more!

[I liked] your ideas for how to choose the book and things not to do. It was great. I think you covered all the information.

Melissa Taylor

Hi! I’m Melissa Taylor, M.Ed.

I’m the creator of Imagination Soup, a former teacher and literacy trainer, a parent, a freelance writer, and a children’s book expert.

I’ve worked to support reluctant readers both in the classroom as a teacher and at home with my own children.

Book clubs, in my experience, can be AMAZING tools to motivate readers, increase time spent reading, and expand a child’s world with interactive discussions.

Neither of my children wanted to join a book club but once they tried it, they loved it.

Same with my students.

They often felt reluctant to read and discuss books with their peers.


Because if you set up the structure for success, book clubs can be wonderful, enriching experiences.

And this experience will turn into warm, joyful reading memories.

This book shows you step-by-step how to set up a book club!

I really liked the course being broken down into daily chunks. The daily information allowed time to process, but no so much time as to lose momentum. I also liked the extra links that let you dive deeper into an idea if you wanted.

Lisa N. parent

Watch your child’s love of reading soar as they connect with friends, develop critical thinking skills, and explore new worlds in books!

When my elementary-aged kids weren’t reading and were struggling with friendships, I started book clubs for each of them, inviting other kids their same age to meet. And it worked!

I was thrilled to watch their love of books grow along with new friendships. This is why I want to share a step-by-step guide with you.

Imagine if you could…

ORGANIZE a fun reading event.
your child or students to read more.
ENCOURAGE kids to expand their reading horizons to books they wouldn’t normally pick.
WATCH kids think deeply about books.
FACILITATE a child’s articulation of their opinions.
GUIDE children to more mature conversations about books.

In other words,…

..see children LOVING to read and EXPLAINING why they like or don’t like a book.

I really enjoyed the course! I’ve learned so much about running a book club, including information that I hadn’t come across elsewhere. And it was so helpful having the information in one place.

Homeschool Parent

Let me support you with all the details of starting a book club!

Book clubs develop an abundance of literacy skills, too!

  • practice comprehension strategies
  • compare and contrast authors, themes, concepts, and ideas
  • learn about the world
  • learn how to be a good writer

Your book club can be family, friends, neighbors, or classmates.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or teacher, get directions and handouts for every kind of book club.

It was easy to follow and implement. Thank you so much.

Hillary U., teacher

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn…

  • WHY book clubs are good for kids
  • GROUPING options
  • Successful SCHEDULING tips
  • PLANNING activities, food & discussions
  • Tips for FACILITATING discussion
  • Teaching kids how to COMMUNICATE ideas effectively
  • How to help kids with ANNOTATIONS and deep DISCUSSIONS of text
  • How to set EXPECTATIONS
  • and more!

Can you envision how much fun this will be?

What will you get in the emails?

  • a wealth of digestible information organized in daily sections so that you can launch your book club successfully
  • printable planning guides
How to Start a Book Club

“Melissa is a book wizard- she uses her background as a teacher, literacy specialist, and parent to help others reach their students or children between the pages of a book.”

Jordan, teacher

Are you ready to get started?