Mentor Text Book Lists for Writing & Reading Instruction

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What is a Mentor Text?

Mentor texts are books that model for students what good writers do — the craft and skills involved in reading and writing.

Mentor texts give children authentic, real-world examples of different kinds of writing from which they can learn.

Get the full scoop on mentor texts here.

When we ask children to read published books and articles, it gives them examples they can learn from. When we read critically / metacognitively, we can notice how other writers write and the specific craft techniques that writers use.

I’m continuing to make lists for teachers and homeschoolers to use for different topics.

Here are the lists that I have so far. I hope they’re helpful.

Mentor Text Book Lists

Cause and Effect

Character Arc

Character Traits

Compare and Contrast

Description (Sensory Details)


How-To / Procedural Writing

Letter Writing



Personal Narrative


Point of View

Problem / Solution

Reading Workshop Launch

Sequencing (Beginning, Middle, End)

Similes & Metaphors (Figurative Language)

Small Moments

Word Choice

Writing a Story (Ideas, Plot, Setting, Characters, Drafting, etc.)

mentor text book lists for elementary classroom teachers and homeschoolers

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