Pretend Play Meteorologist

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Have you read Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett? Learn about the weather using that story for inspiration then pretend play meteorologist.

Weather Window & Weather Journal

Find a window near your eating space, and christen it “the weather window”.  Now, dub your children junior meteorologists!  (Explain that meteorologists study the weather.)

Get a large thermometer to put just outside that window. Every day, look at the temperature and talk about what that feels like.

Observe the sky. Is it sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, rainy, or snowy? Take notes in a weather journal. Record the temperature and forecast for the day.  Describe everything you can about that weather.  Temperature?  Conditions?  Smells?  Feelings? At the end of the day, note if the forecast was accurate and if not, what was different.

Put up a windsock by your window. Watch for wind. What direction is it blowing? Learn about north, south, east, and west.


Weather News

Read the newspaper or look on your iPad for the weather forecast.  Teach your child how to read the 5-day forecast, the high and low, and the weather map.  Check out the Weather Channel online games and activities or National Geographic’s weather page.

Dress for the Weather

Learning about the weather helps us dress appropriately,

In your weather journal, draw a picture of yourself dressed for different types of weather.  If you have dolls with clothing, dress your dolls for the weather, too.  Extend with this online game dressing up a bear game.


Read Books About Weather

Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book by Lucy Cousins

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco

Eye Wonder Weather

Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today?

Weather Words by Gail Gibbons



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  1. Love this post! So funny…I was just thinking to myself that I needed to beef up my youngest son’s love of all things weather. He has a digital weather station in his room and he consults it daily before deciding what to wear. Students in his class last year got to be “weather people” for the day…and their forecasts were actually featured on our local TV station in the morning. He has been hooked since! I’ll be looking into some of your suggestions. Sounds like fun! Kudos!

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