Scholastic Acorn Books (+ Printable List)

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Scholastic Acorn Books are early reader books in series for beginning reader children who are ages 5 to 7.

Kids love the full-color illustrations on every page, interesting characters, engaging stories, and minimal easy-to-read text.

Adults love that these books get kids reading!

Here are the first books in the Scholastic Acorn book series, plus a brief description and review.

Scholastic Acorn Books


Don’t Worry, BEE Happy (Bumble & Bee)
 by Ross Burach
Sure to give readers the giggles, this cute story in cartoon format is about two bees named Bumble and Bee and their grumpy frog friend and everything that happens in their day…told in short stories. From picture day to hiccups to a dance party, you’ll love their unlikely friendship and entertaining antics.

A Magic Spark 
(Fairylight Friends) by Jessica Young, illustrated by Marie Vanderbemden
Readers who love magic and fairies will love these short stories about three fairies who become friends on the first day of fairy school. The new friends take a field trip to Crystal Pool to see what kind of magic they each have. After they discover their special talents, they have more magic-filled adventures like baking a cake and planning a party.

The Great Bunk Bed Battle
 (Fox Tails) by Tina Kugler
When fox siblings Fritz and Franny go to bed, they don’t actually go to sleep. They compare which bunk bed is best and imagine adventures through a forest with a castle, a moat and a boat, a submarine, and a volcano on their beds. Simple text in speech bubbles and a relatable topic makes this a sure-fire hit with new readers.

Frog Meets Dog (Frog and Dog)
 by Janee Trasler
While this is not a phonics book but possibly controlled text, it’s simple and cute. You’ll find it reminiscent of Dick and Jane with very short word sentences like, “Frogs jump. Can dog jump too?

Do You Like My Bike? (Hello, Hedgehog!)
 by Norm Feuti
Not only is this written in comic panels but the dialogue is in bubbles in colors unique to the character speaking making this a supportive first graphic novel experience. Hedgehog can’t wait to show his friend Harry his new bike. Darling stories of friendship and bike riding. One of our favorites!

The Sunken Ship (Mermaid Days) by Kyle Lukoff, illustrated by Kat Uno
Vera is a mermaid and her friend Beaker is an octo-kid who live in Tidal Grove. Vera and Beaker go on adventures together and solve problems.

Mister Shivers Shadow in the Woods and Other Scary Stories
 by Max Brallier
If you know a child who likes scary stories, this book series with easy-to-read text and short, illustrated stories will become a much-loved favorite.

Surf’s Up (Moby Shinobi and Toby Too!)
 by Luke Flowers
Moby the ninja and his dog go to the beach. In these short stories, they discover that no matter what they do like building a sandcastle, it’s always better if they work together. Rhyming, easy-to-read text, adorable characters, and fun stories make this a new must-read for beginning readers.

Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Mark Teague
Poppleton gets tired of city life and moves to a small house with a garden in a small town. He befriends his kind neighbor Cherry Sue, goes to the library to read adventure stories, and helps his friend when he’s sick.

Princess Truly I Can Build It!
 by Kelly Greenawalt, illustrated by Amariah Rauscher
In this positive, diverse, girl-powered, STEM story, inventor Princess Truly loves to build. So when her dog Sir Noodles tells her that the animal shelter is out of treats, Princess Truly decides to invent a snack machine for the shelter.

Drive It! Fix It! (Racing Ace) by Larry Dane Brimmer, illustrated by Kaylani Juanita
Ace gets her car ready for the race. Then she gets ready for the race. But something happens — how can she fix it and finish the race?

Sparkly New Friends (Unicorn and Yeti)
 by Heather Ayris Burnell, illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla
Unicorn helps Yeti be grateful and confident about who he is and where he lives. Then Yeti helps Unicorn try new things like a snowball fight. Short stories of friendship between two mythical creatures, what could be better!?

The Adventure Friends by Brandon Todd
Friends Clarke and Miguel use their walkie-talkies and compasses to search for hidden treasure.

Hello, Crabby A Crabby Book by Jonathan Fenske
Crabby’s story and character aren’t appealing to me in the least. The gist is Crabby is crabby and Plankton tires to cheer Crabby up.

A Friend for Dragon by Dav Pilkey
This feels a bit more challenging than the other Acorn books. It’s a sweet story about making a new friend.

Acorn’s Leveling Information (Lexile, Guided Reading, Word Count)

Scholastic Acorn Books for Beginning Readers


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