Pizza Hut BOOK IT Reading Program for Kids

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Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! reading program lets kids earn free pizza for reading!

You can register for Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! Program! online. This free reading incentive program is a yummy opportunity for elementary teachers and homeschoolers (for students ages 5-12) to reward children for accomplishing any reading goals. Although I inherently dislike motivating children with food, free pizza for reading IS generally quite motivating for kids ages 4-12.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT Reading Program for Kids

Pizza Hut BOOK IT Reading Program

Here’s how it works…

Teachers, librarians, or homeschoolers can register online. Digital enrollment is always open, with enrollment transitioning to the following school year on March 1.

To enroll visit:

After you register at Pizza Hut Book It online, you’ll be sent an invitation and instructions.

Once you’re enrolled, you can set a reading goal for your child or children. Even if a child can’t read, their goal can be as simple as having a parent read one book per night to them. Other goals could be to read one book on their own or read 20 minutes per night. Anything like that! You know your children and students and children best so that’s why this is so flexible. You, with collaboration from your students, if you want, get to choose the goal to reach.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT Reading Program for Kids

At the end of each week, educators can reward students who’ve accomplished their BOOK IT!® goal with a Reading Award Certificate redeemable for a FREE 1-topping personal pan pizza, a prize, and a sticker. YUM! Kids love this reward, let me tell you.

Could you use Pizza Hut Book It program for a summer reading program? As far as I know, yes, you can.

Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! Program Lets Kids Earn Pizza for Reading

The Pizza Hut BOOK IT!® program began in 1984 when then-president of Pizza Hut Arthur Gunther thought of his son, who had trouble reading growing up. Gunther met with educators in the Kansas area with the goal of coming up with a program that would encourage kids to read and help them develop reading skills. The idea was so good, the founder decided to share it with everyone. Now BOOK IT!® is reaching more than 14 million students and 37,000 schools a year.

Get started today:

You’ll find a wealth of teacher and parent resources on the Pizza Hut Book It website. For example, discover tracking calendars, book review templates, color by number, and a story sequence three-dimensional pyramid. Registration and participation is free.

Get summer reading lists by grade here on Imagination Soup. Grab your favorite book bag and head to the library!

@bookitprogram is a reading incentive program created by Pizza Hut that provides teachers with Reading Award Certificates, good for a free, one-topping Personal Pan® Pizza. Learn more here: #BOOKITPartner #BOOKITKid

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