Brilliant Picture Book Gets Kids Moving

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Read this brilliant picture book to get kids moving! Do your kids love to MOVE? And do they also love to read stories?

If so, you must check out this amazing picture book, Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn!

It gets kids engaged in a story and moving their bodies throughout the entire book.

Brilliant Picture Book That Will Get Kids Moving

The authors call it a Dance-it-Out picture book story. (I love that, don’t you? Read and dance!)

Brilliant Picture Book That Will Get Kids Moving

It’s a sweet story about a princess who, after an argument with her sibling, leaves the castle to process her feelings. Once she’s outside the castle, she meets a unicorn who needs her help to save its baby unicorn.

I think you’ll agree that the charming illustrations perfectly capture the story with a sweet playfulness.

But, it’s not just a story about saving a unicorn…it’s also an interactive movement experience!

For each two-page spread, discover the movement ideas that accompany that part of the story. Read the directions and study the photos of a ballerina. Then, ask children to try the dancing movements while someone reads them the story.

What kind of movements will kids get to do?

Maybe a chassé, leap, spin, stretch, crawl, bend, or twist!

The dance movements reflect the story. They’ll either help readers express the emotions of Princess Naomi or act out her or other characters’ actions that propel the story forward.

I recommend it for young readers ages 3 to 6, their teachers, and their parents.

Why do I love and recommend this book?


  1. Any creative movement helps children become more aware of their bodies.
  2. Kinesthetic movements are helpful to learning.
  3. Movement helps release emotional energy.
  4. Preschoolers should have at least 120 minutes of energetic movement a day.
  5. The book shows kids how dance movements can help them express themselves.
  6. Movement is natural to most kids.
  7. It introduces children to ballet.


Don’t you love when you find a book that teaches feeling your feelings and kindness toward others? This book does both. (In addition to the gross motor body movements!)


Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn is just one of the ten Dance-It-Out! Creative Movement Stories.

In fact, the Once Upon a Dance books have garnered many awards and endorsements during 2021, including a PenCraft Award First Place Winner, Mom’s Choice Gold Award Recipient, International Impact Book Award Winner,  Independent Press Award Winner, Readers Favorite Certified Great Read, B.R.A.G. Medallion Award, Love Reading 4 Kids Indie Books We Love, and Indie’s Today 5-Star Recommended.

What’s more, the books are written by a mother-daughter team, the mom is a former dance teacher and the daughter is a professional ballerina, who donate every sale to non-profits.

Ballerina Konora is an apprentice with Ballet Idaho and previously danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Professional Division. Growing up, she danced iconic roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cinderella. Konora’s mother taught creative movement and ballet for decades.

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What kids or students in your life would love this book?

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