Make Big Art! Art With Movement

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Guest post written by amazing play blogger, Jamie from hands on: as we grow.

Hello Imagination Soup readers! Melissa always has terrific book suggestions. How about taking an idea from one of her book suggestions and create some art? More specifically, move and create with Big Art!

Big Art is my favorite type of art to do with kids.

What is Big Art?

Big Art is a term I created to explain art with movement.

Generally its big so you can get all parts of your body involved in it!

Having a boy with lots of energy makes it hard to sit and do crafts and art that takes concentration and precision. So we usually make things big, so we can get completely involved with the piece of art.

Also, since Big Art is big, we generally don’t make it to keep. It’s about the process, and not the product. Big Art makes it be about the process.

How do you create Big Art?

Here are some suggestions to get you inspired!


Enlarge it! 

Make any art idea you have, and triple the size of it!
Make it huge. Tape down four pieces of paper instead of one, or flatten out a cardboard box!

And link it to a book!

This large scale painting was part of an Eric Carle activity to go along with the 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo book.

Take art outside. 

Outside there is room to move as well as make a mess!

Think about actions. 

Throwing, kicking, rolling, running, hitting. Any of these can be used in conjunction of a material like balls, rags, sponges and add paint or other medium.

Use a window. 

This requires the child to stretch and stand while creating art, instead of sitting.

Add other avenues of exploration to an art project. 

Use your driveway or sidewalk as your canvas, the textures are different than paper.
Add other elements such as a science experiment to the art, using a baking soda based paint and spray with vinegar.
What other suggestions do you have to make art big… or Big Art?
Share your ideas on my facebook wall, because I’m always looking for inspiration!
Jamie @ hands on : as we growI’m Jamie, a stay at home mom, with two boys that are completely full of energy. I write at hands on : as we grow about activities and art that I do with the boys, with lots of them being ways to use that energy to our advantage. I love to sneak in learning opportunities during their play and try my best at focusing on the process of a project, instead of the end goal.

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  1. This is a great start of what we called talent. he has a beautiful potential in bringing with us different colorful creation…

  2. My oldest is an artist and takes a lot of art lessons. One of her teachers had her paint with long feathery stalks of plants onto large paper flat on the ground. She loved it!

  3. It was a creative one. I love art, but art don’t love me. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. I am really not creative…But these kids are really so cute…They are even more creative than me…