Art Journals With Kids

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Today I invite you to join me in art journaling, sharing this creative experience with your kids to promote self-expression and communication.

I began to explore art journaling after realizing how much joy I find in creating. Before kids, I used my music and dance to channel my creativity.

Recently, I’ve been exploring art journaling to tap into the creative self. And, I’ve invited my kids along for the journey as well. (AJ is 9 and JJ is 6.)

Originally published: 12/6/11
Updated: 1/19/22

What is Art Journaling?

My definition of art journaling is simple: Art journaling is creating a journal with a combination of words and visuals, or mixed-media art. It’s communication and self-expression.

Beginnings of Art Journaling

Art Journals With KidsWhile in the mountains, we used our blank books, colored pencils, Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls, and wrote in our journals daily. Yes, I did this with the girls, too – a very important piece of getting kids to do anything!  Mostly, I introduced some new ideas I noticed in the Doodle Diary book like:

  • borders
  • lines
  • swirls

This is the cover page AJ made after we played with making swirls.

Art Journals With Kids

Here’s a page about a play we saw on our trip.

Art Journals With Kids

Art Journal Journals and Kits

We used Art Journal Kits from Strathmore. You can buy a mixed media journal like the ones we used here. I LOVE how thick the pages are.

The Strathmore kit isn’t currently available but there are other art journaling kits for kids you can try.

Kid Made Modern Art Journal Kit

Bullet Journal Kit

Pick a Medium (or Two)

Looking at the ideas in the kit, we started with two art ideas: watercolor and collage. 

Then the girl painted a watercolor background on their pages.

After that, they added pictures and words. (Remember when I wrote about word collections? You can use words from your word collection jars!)

There is no right way to art journal. It’s all about creating and being creative.

Here’s a page from JJ’s journal using collage and watercolor.

Art Journals With Kids

As we continue on our art journal exploration, here are 4 art journal prompts you can also try to started!

Art Journal Books I’m Reading

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald

The Art Journal Workshop by Tracy Bunkers

Creative Journaling by Renee Day

Create Your Life Book by Tamara Laporte

art journaling with kids


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  1. As an art educator I love this journeling idea! What a great way to boost creative minds, both visually & academically. Strathmore is a top notch supplier, I’m looking forward to using these journeling kits with my students.