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Looking for a good book bag? Well, look no further. After years of trial and error, I can tell you what the best book bags are and where to buy them. Because on a typical weekly visit to the library, we check out 30 books. So I need the best book bag that will hold all of our reading material!

Because books are heavy and we need a good, sturdy bag. So do you, I imagine.

(And don’t even get me started on our library card fines because we check out so many books!)

But as far as book bags go, I recommend that you buy a bag with 1) a flat bottom and 2) a pocket for your library card. I also recommend that you don’t get a light color – it just looks really dirty all the time. But it’s up to you – because you could always wash it. (*Note to self.)

Book Bags

Scout book bag
1. Multi-pocket zip top book bag.
This book bag is perfect.


Book Bag
2. Canvas tote book bag with a front pocket. 
A good functional book bag — if you don’t mind the light color.

book bag 2
3. Durable polypropylene zip-top book tote with reinforced handles. 
I think the material in this book bag is great for parents with young kids.

4. Microfiber book bag with zipper closure and adjustable handles.
I love the little pocket on the outside of this book bag.

book bag
5. Polyester book bag with large front pocket and adjustable handles. 
A cute and functional book bag.

6. Book bag with fully lined interior, side pocket, exterior zippered pocket. 
This comes in a lot of patterns – so if you don’t like this floral pattern, you can find a pattern you do like.

7. Book bag with zipper front pocket and wheels.
Books weigh a ton so you might want to think about using a rolling book bag.

HIgh Sierra book bag
8. Deluxe multi-pocket book bag with the zippered main compartment.
I love these colors, don’t you?

everett book bag
9. Polyester deluxe book bag with three front pockets and main zippered compartment. 
This may be the perfect book bag — it has a flat bottom, pockets, and isn’t in a light color. LOVE it!

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