24 Books for Kids Who Love The Princess in Black

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Princess in Black is a delightful fiction adventure about a spunky princess who secretly fights monsters. It’s a hugely popular beginning chapter book.

If your kids love The Princess in Black books, here are more fantasy and advneture book ideas to read next; books that they’ll love just as much.

The tricky thing for me when recommending read-alike books is to give you titles that are more or less at the same reading comprehension level.

So, the books on the first part of this list are around the same reading level which, depending on The Princess in Black title, are around:
1st – 2nd grade
guided reading level L, M
Lexile 340 – 500
DRA 20 – 24

The books I’ve chosen also contain plots with strong female main characters and are either fantasy or realistic.

Of course, they’re all great stories that keep kids reading.

Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black

easy beginning chapter books
Meet Yasmin!
by Saadia Faruqui, illustrated by Hatem Aly
Yasmin is an exuberant girl who is interested in everything from exploring to building to fashion. This book tells four short stories from Yasmin’s life, all in chapters with lively, full-color illustrations. Each story shows Yasmin as a creative problem solver even when things get hard. Her Pakistani American culture is embedded throughout the story such as the foods Yasmin’s family eats like naan or how she calls her father Baba. I LOVE the diversity, the gutsy main character, and the beautiful design of the entire book.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Moldylocks and the Three Beards
by Norah Z. Jones
Princess Pink accidentally enters a mixed-up fairy tale land through her refrigerator. While there, she meets a green-haired girl named Moldylocks who suggests they can get some food at the Three Beards house. When the Beards discover the girls, Princess escapes but Moldylocks is captured. Yikes! Will Moldylocks escape? Your kids will crack up at this hilarious, punny story.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Owl Diaries Eva’s Treetop Festival
by Rebecca Elliott
This series pops with cute diary entries with colorful illustrations; it’s just right for beginning readers, particularly girls. In this book, Eva writes in her diary about getting the Bloomtastic Festival organized and how she eventually learns to ask friends for help.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Olive & Beatrix The Super Smelly Moldy Blob
by Amy Marie Stadelmann
It’s science fair time and these twins, one who is a witch and one who is a super smart science nerd, are in it to win it. Except disaster happens when the girls fight and their projects combine to form a huge green blog that absorbs everything. It will take both their skills to fix this slimy problem. An enjoyable book series for 5- and 6- year old readers.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Bink & Gollie Best Friends Forever
 by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, illustrated by Tony Fucile
The second book of funny Bink and Gollie (mis)adventures in friendship and life filled wonderful color illustrations. Get the first book here.  Kids, girls especially, love these stories!

The Fabled Stables Willa the Wisp
by Jonathan Auxier, illustrated by Olga Demidova
Auggie, the only human, lives on an island of mythical creatures but he’s lonely. When a new stall magically appears, Auggie enters and meets a Wisp who is hunted by ruthless magical poachers. It’s a darling start to a new series perfect for fantasy-loving readers.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Jessica Finch is a delightful beginning chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations. Jessica wants nothing more than a pig for a pet. For her birthday. When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black

Sofia Martinez My Vida Loca by Jacquline Jules
Perfecto! My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sopha — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). Illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente.

The Magic Mirror (Once Upon a Fairy Tale)
by Anna Staniszewski, illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
Readers who love fantasy, adventure, and mystery, you are going to love this story of two good friends who travel to help the ice and sun princesses solve two big problems to save The Enchanted Kingdom from everlasting summer… When Kara learns the ice princess is in trouble, she and her best friend Zed travel to her ice palace to help fix her magic mirror that is shattered in pieces and missing a piece. Not only do they have no clues but they also want to help the argumentative sisters get along and share their beloved pet monkey between them. Will the friends be able to solve both problems? You know it! And you’ll be as excited for me to keep reading in this new series — it’s fantasy-tastic!

A Bit Harder Easy Chapter Books for Kids Who Love The Princess in Black

These books are a just little bit harder than Princess in Black but will be just as well-loved. These are a guided reading level M and up and Lexile levels 500 – 800.

Diary of an Ice Princess: Snow Place Like Home
by Christina Soontornvat
This charming new series for early readers features magic, friendship, myths, and diversity in a story about a girl whose family are windtamers who live in the clouds, magical beings who control the wind and weather. Unfortunately, Princess Lina’s powers are going wonky, especially when she gets upset. Luckily, her wise (and loud) grandfather helps Lina discover her true talents. Cheerful pink chapter titles, as well as pink and gray illustrations give this book a very princessy feel.

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero!
by Kara West, illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
When Mia gets accepted into the Superhero training program, she learns that she is SUPER. She even learns that her parents are, also. After school at her new superhero training, she has a disastrous first day and learns that it takes work to become a superhero. Black and white illustrations, bigger print, and an exciting story make this a winning series for growing readers.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Zoey and Sassafras Dragons and Marshmallows #1 by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay
This is an entertaining and well-written story with the coolest mix of science and magic, a diverse main character, and fantastic illustrations that will get kids reading and learning. Zoey, like her mom, can see magical creatures and is tasked to care for any injured creatures that might need help. In this story, she uses her science skills (including research and the scientific method) to figure out how to care for a sick baby dragon.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Dory and the Real True Friend
 by Abby Hanlon
Dory is one of my favorite book characters because her imagination is THE BEST! She has three imaginary friends: one monster friend, one fairy godmother that’s actually not a lady, and one bad lady nemesis. I love this story because she meets a real-life friend who understands all about imaginary friends and together, they’re the perfect match.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Kylie Jean: Drama Queen by Marci Peschke
Kylie Jean is all Texas, determined and spunky! My daughter loved reading all about Kylie Jean’s interesting life adventures — from the school play to basketball to dancing.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Rainbow Magic Fairies
by Daisy Meadows
These are very predictable but kids ADORE these books – they are some of the most checked-out books at our library. They’re about two human girls who are trusted to help the magical fairies search for something Jack Frost’s goblins stole.

Amelia Bedelia Means Business 
by Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril
I’ve been enjoying these updated Amelia chapter books by the original author’s son. In this story, Amelia tries to make money for a new bike. Great for readers who love goofy humor and wordplay.
Zita the Spacegirl by Ben HatkeOne of our favorite graphic novels! Zita the Spacegirl is a true friend who not only saves her best friend but the galaxy! If kids like The Princess in Black, they’ll also like this read-alike book with a strong female main character.


Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way by Steve Voake
Daisy can talk to animals! You’ll love her free spirit personality and her kindness in all sorts of adventures.

Giants Beware!
by Jorge Aguirre, illustrated by Rafael Rosado
Claudette is a dragon-slaying, mischievous girl who tricks her little brother and her best friend (a princess) into questing to kill the dragon. It’s a delightful graphic novel, I loved every second of it. And, don’t worry, there is no killing of any dragons. Your boys and girls will love this one — I just gave it to a third-grader reluctant reader and his mom said he’s already on his third time through.

Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue
by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie
Kittie’s mom is a superhero with cat powers but Kitty isn’t ready to do what her mom does. However, when her mom is gone, a cat named Figaro comes to her that needs help. Kitty wants to help so she decides to be brave. Wearing her cat costume, she travels through the night to help her new cat friends– and discovers she can do more than she thought possible.

Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke
Anna Hibiscus lives in amazing Africa but in this story, she goes by herself to visit her Granny Canada in Canada where it’s snowy and cold. Anna gets to wear warm clothes and eat new foods. She even gets comfortable with Granny Canada’s dog and makes new friends. This is a delightful story of a sweet girl on an exciting new adventure.
Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Piper Morgan Joins the Circus
by Stephanie Faris, illustrated by Lucy Fleming
This is a cute and interesting series about a girl whose mom moves a lot for different jobs. In this story, they’re living with the circus. I loved the plot and how Piper eventually makes friends and learns a routine but felt sad when the ending came and the mom’s job was done so they had to move. But, that leaves quite the opportunity for more jobs and more books . . . Also read: Piper Morgan to the Rescue and Piper Morgan in Charge!.


Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise by Paula Harrison
These princesses love animals and solving mysteries. It’s a fun read-alike book for kids who like The Princess in Black.
Read Alike Books for Kids Who Love Princess in Black
The Critter Club
The girls in the Critter Club love animals and want to help them any way they can. Sweet stories for animal lover!
24 Books Like Princess in Black (Read Alikes)

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