Sight Word Games and Free Printable Cards

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Learn sight words with sight word games! First, download and print out the free sight word cards. Once you do that, you can use the cards to play lots of fun, interactive games.

Playing games with sight words will help kids remember because games involve auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning modalities.

sight word games plus free printables

FREE Printable (Dolch) Sight Words



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

1. Sight Word Lava Pit

sight word lava pit game

Your driveway is now a burning lava pit!!!

Make stepping stones to get across. Write your sight words on the stones.

To play, step on the stones and read the sight word to get across. If you miss a word or a stone, you’re burned in the lava pit and must start again.

2. Sight Word Letter Hopscotch

Get a stack of sight words, a rock, and some chalk.

sight word word pile for hopscotch

Draw a chalk hopscotch board.

sight word hopscotch

To play, pick a word.

Write it down on the word list.

Count how many letters are in the word.

sight word letter count hopscotch

Put your rock on the number of letters.

Hop through excluding that number.

3. Sight Word Go Fish

Use duplicate sight word printable lists. In this game, you’re only looking for matching pairs.

sight word go fish

To play, deal 5 cards to each player. Stack the rest of the cards in the middle.

Each player asks other players for words, just like they would in regular Go Fish.

The player either gets the word or has to draw.

To win, you must get rid of all your cards.

4. Sight Word 1 Minute Quiz

See how many sight words you can read in one minute!

Have an adult show you the cards and make a stack of all the ones you know.

sight word minute game

Learn the words you don’t know and play against yourself.

Go you!

Want More Sight Word Activities?

8 Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

My kids highly recommend Zingo! Sight Words.

Pop Sight Words
Learning Resources has a fun sight word game called Pop.

Sight Word Bingo
Sight Word Bingo is always great for repetition and memory.

Bob Books Sight Words
Bob Books Sight Words TOTALLY helped my youngest daughter learn to read. I can’t recommend these enough!

And we LOVE playing uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt. I share more about uKloo and our crazy prizes here.

Remember if you can make learning fun, it will stick.

Sight Word Games
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