3 Engrossing Word Games for Kids

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Three word games, WordARound, Bubble Talk, and Junior Scrabble, are always top choices for my kids for family game time. (Although I think my husband could play Bubble Talk by himself because he thinks it’s so funny.) Let me tell you about them.

Word Games for Kids

 1. WordARound

word a round

WordARound is a super fun word game for kids. The cards have three rings, black, red, and blue, with words written around each ring. To play, start by looking at the black ring. Whoever sees the word first, wins that card. That player will flip the card over to his or her winning pile. Whatever color is on the back of the card (black, red, or blue) will be the color ring to look at next and find the word on that color ring.

Word A Round Game


Sometimes we don’t play by the rules… and just say the first word we see on any of the rings. (Which is possibly more fun and easier for younger kids.)

The person with the most cards wins the game.

Word a Round Game for Kids


WordARound is fast, fun, and great for thinking and reading skills!

2. Bubble Talk

Bubble Talk

I think we’ve owned BubbleTalk for about 5 years, and it’s still one of our most favorite word games.

If you have non-readers, pair them with a reader who can help them read the captions so they can play, too.

Every player but one who is the judge for the round gets 7 cards. The judge picks a funny picture. Each player chooses the funniest caption from his or her cards.

The judge picks the winner – and that winner keeps the funny card. Take turns being the judge.

Bubble Talk game

Which caption would you pick? (Aren’t these funny?)

Bubble Talk language game for families

What about these captions? I’m thinking “Staring at me won’t make me go away.”

3. Junior Scrabble

Junior Scrabble

Junior Scrabble isn’t as addicting as the other two word games for kids but it’s a good game to prepare kids for regular Scrabble. (Which is way fun and great for kids!)

We used Junior Scrabble to show our kids how to make words using their letter titles going across and down the Scrabble board.

Scrabble Jr

It takes some practice to get the hang of combining words in other words like a crossword puzzle or word search.

Scrabble Junior

Then when your kids are ready, introduce them to grown-up Scrabble. I love Scrabble for kids because you get word practice, strategy, and math practice when playing.

3 word games for kids

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