Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGO

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Today I want to share several fun LEGO activities for auditory and visual processing skills, two important brain functions that contribute to our reading and writing abilities.

One important part of auditory processing is auditory memory which is the ability to listen and remember. This is important for understanding and following directions at home and in school. It’s also necessary for class participation since kids need to store and recall information if / when called on.

Visual processing is a complex and important piece of reading and writing. Visualizing (also called creating sensory images) what the author is talking about in the story is a comprehension strategy. Not only that, visualizing words is paramount in spelling — in other words, “seeing” if a word is spelled correctly or not.

Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs

Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGO

Divide up LEGO pieces from any LEGO kit into two identical groups of LEGO blocks. We took blocks from the LEGO Classic Creative 10702 set. You will use these for two-player games to improve auditory and visual processing.

auditory and visual processing activities with LEGOs

Auditory  Processing Game #1: Listen & Build

listening activity with legos Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs
Person 1 makes something and describes how to build it to person 2 without letting them see it. (Make sure you have a divider to hide the build!)

listening activity with legos Fun Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs

When person 2 thinks she has it, check to see how well each of you both did — explaining or listening. Do the LEGO builds look the same?

Then switch turns and have person 2 describe something for person 1 to build.

auditory processing activity with LEGOs Fun Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs

Besides being a lot of fun, this activity provides practice for sequencing, listening, and following directions.

Visual Processing Game #1: Look and Remember

Visual memory helps kids remember what they’ve read as well as remember how to spell words.

Person 1 makes LEGO creation but hides it from person 2. When ready person 2 gets 30 – 60 seconds (depending on his age) to look and memorize the brick creation made by person 1.

The creation is covered back up.

Person 2 makes the creation from memory.

Compare and check! Then switch turns.

Visual Processing Memory Activity with LEGOs Fun Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs

Visual Processing Game #2: What’s Missing?

This activity improves visual discrimination which is seeing details as well as recognizing similarities and differences. Why is this skill important? It helps with writing, spelling, and reading comprehension. Kids need to see their spelling mistakes. They need to see that they’re reading the word “bed”, not “bad”.

Person 1 puts out an assortment of LEGOs. Person 2 studies these for a minute.

Person 1 covers LEGOs and removes 1 brick. (For more challenges, either remove more than one piece or use more bricks in the group.)

what's missing Fun Auditory and Visual Processing Activities with LEGOs

Then the LEGOs are uncovered and person 2 guesses which piece is missing.

Switch turns.

*Games inspired by homework from Brain Highways.
* LEGO set received complimentary from LEGO. 


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