“On the Go” Phonics Scavenger Hunt

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Finding something educational for your child to do while you’re out in public can be hard. An “On the Go” Phonics Scavenger Hunt  is perfect for those times where you’re sitting in the car, doctor’s office, or even at a meeting where you need to keep the little one busy.

This “On the Go” Phonics Scavenger Hunt is perfect for the child who is learning more about letter sounds and for the beginner reader. Either way, this phonics scavenger hunt is ideal for any reader’s journey. Here’s what you’ll need for your “On the Go” Phonics Scavenger Hunt.

  • Stack of Old Magazines
  • 2-5 of Your Child’s Favorite Reading Books
  • Small Notebook
  • Pencils, Crayons, Markers

Here’s how this on the go phonics busy bag will work.

#1. Pick out a bag that’s easy to carry around.

One bag that I’ve found ideal for this is a reusable grocery bag. The weight from the items seems to distribute evenly. Shopping bag#2. Take two or three of your child’s favorite magazines and put them in the bag.

You don’t want to put too many magazines in there because you do want this to be an on the go bag, not a a too-big -to-carry-bag.

pile of magazines at home

#3. Pick out a few of your child’s favorite books and add them to the bag.

These books will be used to reinforce any phonics sounds and letters you work on during this activity.

#4. Last but not least, add the pen, notebook, crayons, and markers into the reusable bag.

Here’s how you use the “On the Go” Phonics Scavenger Hunt activity:

Step One: When you have a few free moments while you’re waiting, take out the magazines. Give your child a letter and ask them to find 5 items in the magazine that start with the letter you gave them. For example: the letter C– some items your child could find in the magazine could be cookie, coat, or car.

Step Two: Each time your child finds a new item based on the letter you gave them, write it in the notebook from the scavenger hunt bag. Keep it organized under the letter to help reinforce these words later. See example below:

C —— 1. Cookie 2. Coat 3. Car

Step Three: Pull out the books you’ve placed in the scavenger hunt bag and have your child continue their hunt for the letter “C.” Help your child point out new words that they might not recognize, like “ch” or “cl.” Talk about these sounds and how the letter “C” blends in with these new letters to create a new sound.

A picture of a crocodile in a book

Step Four: If your child starts to get a little bored with the reading and discovery part of the scavenger hunt process, have them draw the letter C in their notebook or at least draw pictures that start with the letter “C.” You can feel free to move on from letter to letter as you see fit.

Love this activity? Download the On the Go Phonics Scavenger Hunt Printable.

Phonics Scavenger Hunt

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