Summer Picture Book Reading List for Pre-Readers

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A reader asked me to make a summer reading list of picture books for pre-readers that included good variety. I’ve compiled some of my favorites and broken the list into three sections: read-aloud favorites, funny picture books, and picture books with lessons. I hope you and your kids enjoy many new picture books this summer! 🙂

Summer Picture Book Reading List

SUMMER READING: Read Aloud Favorites

SUMMER READING: Funny Picture Books

funny favorites preschoolers summer

SUMMER READING: Picture Books with Lessons

Do you have older children who need really awesome, totally engaging summer book ideas? Visit my summer reading book lists for kids ages 6 – 18.


Preschool Summer Reading Book List

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  1. Hi I love your summer reading lists. I tried getting a printable list, but have been unsuccessful. Do you have a printable one available?

  2. This is a great list, we already have several books listed here but will be adding more. We love going to our local store and picking out new books!