Stop and Give Me Five (Senses)

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Ever go through your day in such a rush of busyness that you don’t stop to notice the moment — any moment?

Living mindfully helps us observe and trains our senses to absorb each moment.  As writers, we use this to write with sensory details. Practice living mindfully and observing with your five senses.

Even younger (not-yet-writer) children need practice becoming aware of their five senses.

So, Stop and Give Me Five Senses.

Any moment will work.

  • Just stop.
  • Hold up your hand.
  • Use your five fingers as a memory trigger.
  • Notice:  Sights.  Sounds.  Tastes.  Smells.  Touch / Feelings.
  • Share and write your observations.  — If you can’t write it down in that moment, save it in your head (good practice!) and write it down later.

Challenge yourself to do this once every day for 10, 15, or 30 days.  I’m going to do it for the month of June.

Let’s all stop, notice the moments.

What will you notice?

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  1. What a great idea – I’m going to give it a try with my kids, although I think it might be more useful for mum. It will be interesting to see what they are noticing.