Learning and eating math

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Sort, count, add and compare . . . with your food.  I suggest M&Ms, Chex Mix, Fruit Loops, jelly beans, or different shaped pretzels.  Yes, I’m writing this and getting hungry.  Or maybe I already was.

Darling preschoolers

Don’t you love this age?  They’re beginning to count so get them to COUNT as high as possible with their food.  Then, have your preschooler sort their snack by COLOR or SHAPE.   If you want to get really fancy, how about getting a PATTERN going?

Early Elementary

First, have your child guess (ESTIMATE) how many pieces in total.  Then, in each group.  SORT into color or shape or both.  GRAPH the results with a simple bar graph.  ADD the groups together.  SUBTRACT one group out.

Third and up

You can start with the early elementary activities.  Then add on DIVISION.  Divide the total into equal groups.  Two groups, three groups, four groups.  Anything else you can think of?  RATIOS of blue to yellow?  FRACTIONS?

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  1. This is brilliant! My mom started teaching me “math games” at a very young age and it really gave me a great start for school. The best is that if you can make it light and fun, the kids will really enjoy it!