Newest Nonfiction Books for Kids Ages 4 – 8

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Here are some fun new nonfiction books for ages 4 to 8! Although, the first book on the list is for parents of kids ages 4 – 8.

Newest Nonfiction Books for Kids Ages 4 – 8

Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids: 60 Easy Creative Play Projects that Boost Brain Development, Calm Anxiety and Build Fine Motor Skills by Mandisa Watts
I highly recommend this book for any parent of a 2 – 5-year-old! The ideas in this book invite imaginative toddlers and preschoolers into creative playtime. Go deep-sea fishing in a bin with water, toy sea creatures, seashells, colanders, bowls, and more. Or play farm silo with popcorn kernels, funnels, bowls, and plastic farm toys. The categories for the bins include pretend play, rice bins, STEAM, book-based, and holiday. Clear directions and colorful photographs. If you’re looking for ways to keep your preschool kids learning, playing, and developing, this book will help!

Dinosaur Lady: The Daring Discoveries of Mary Anning, the First Paleontologist
by Linda Skeers, illustrated by Marta Alvarez Miguens
Perfect in every way, this appealing biography recounts Mary Anning’s beach discoveries of the first dinosaur bones –fossilized ancient creatures that no one had ever seen before. Even though women weren’t invited into the scientific community at the time, she continued her exploring and learning. Pretty illustrations and fantastic writing with impressive sentence variety. (Writing teachers, use this book as a mentor text to teach varying sentence length!)

The ABCs of Black History
by Rio Cortez, illustrated by Lauren Semmer
This book marches through the letters of the alphabet, giving children information about black history, black lives, and inspiration. Colorful and chock-full of information and inspiration!

Me and the World An Infographic Exploration
by Mireia Trius, illustrated by Joana Casals
I can see many kids loving this unique book filled with infographics about things like types of families, world population, languages, food in the cafeteria. Appealing visuals and tons of information!

Lotte’s Magical Paper Puppets: The Women Behind the First Animated Feature Film
 by Brooke Hartman, illustrated by Kathryn Carr
Beautiful illustrations depict the impressive paper cut puppet art and films made by a creative pioneer woman named Lotte Reiniger.

Digging for Words Jose Alberto Gutierez and the Library He Built
by Angela Burke Kunkel, illustrated by Paola Escobar
Readers will be inspired by garbage collector, Jose Alberto Gutierrez, who collected discarded books and opened his own library for the community. The story features another Jose, a little boy who loves Saturday because that’s when the library opens and he can get new books.

Hold On to Your Music: The Inspiring True Story of the Children of Willesden Lane
by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen, illustrated by Sonia Possentini
I like how the authors make this historical story easily understandable to readers in accessible-kid language. The story begins in Austria with Lisa being denied piano lessons due to new anti-Jewish laws. Before long, Lisa’s parents send her on a train to London for her safety. There, she lives with other refugee children and continues her piano studies just like her mama asked her to do.

We Are the Beatles
by Zoe Tucker, illustrated by Mark Wang
This is a basic introduction to the origins of the Beatles and their rise to popularity with colorful, pop-art illustrations.

We Are the Supremes
by Zoe Tucker, illustrated by Salini Perera
Three friends from Detroit started a girl singing group while they were in high school. They worked hard, practiced, and after high school, got signed to a record label. Interesting.

Prince (Little People, Big Dreams)
by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illustrated by Chachetejack
Read about a boy named Prince (yes, his real name) who loved music and making his own rules for life. It’s a decent introduction to the musician but doesn’t have too many specific facts, just generalizations about the artist.

Smelly Kelly and His Super Senses
by Beth Anderson, illustrated by Jenn Harney
I adore the wonderful illustrations in this curious story! Learn how James “Smelly” Kelly used his exceptional sense of smell to help make the New York City subway system safer. He smelled gas leaks and saved lives with his warnings.

Fair Shares
by Pippa Goodhart, illustrated by Anna Doherty
What is a fair share? This book introduces the concept that the SAME is not always fair. It shows Bear and Hare trying to reach the pears on the pear tree and how the same chair helps Bear reach but it doesn’t help Hare reach. Add this to your preschool and elementary libraries, it will be a helpful discussion starter.

A Thousand Glass Flowers
Marietta Barovier and the Invention of the Rosetta Bead by Evan Turk
Exquisite illustrations help narrate the inspirational story of a Venician girl whose family was glassblowers and let her become a glassblower and creator in a time period when girls weren’t generally allowed to work. As a result, Marietta developed a unique glass bead that became treasured worldwide.

Hans Christian Anderson The Journey of His Life
by Heinz Janisch, illustrated by Maja Kastelic
Elderly Hans meets an inquisitive young girl on a coach ride and throughout the ride, he shares his life story with her. He recounts how he originally wanted to be a performer but how that changed to loving writing tales about his life and his dreams most of all.

Night Walk to the Sea: A Story About Rachel Carson, Earth’s Protector
by Deborah Wiles and Daniel Miyares
This is a simple story about a nighttime walk through the cinnamon ferms and tall trees with gray frogs croaking down to the salty shore where the mom and son see sparkling luminous life in the ocean — will o’ the wisps! The writing is filled with sensory details and a strong sense of place.
And then, as the soft dark folded itself around them, and the sea called to them, in and out, in and out, like a lullaby, Roger and Rachel breathed in the salty sea air together.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
by Skye Silver, illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson, sung by Chris Mears
Both a cute song and a picture book, read all about healthy habits like washing hands, eating healthy, reading books, moving your body, and more.

I Like the Outdoors …what jobs are there?
by Carron Bronw, illustrated by Roberto Blefari
Read this useful guide for outdoor-loving children who are wondering about future jobs. Campsite manager, ski instructor, ecologist, beach lifeguard, botanist, and more.

The Efficient, Inventive (Often Annoying) Melvil Dewey
by Alexis O’Neill, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
This well-written, three-dimensional portrait of Melvin Dewey shows us a man with a great ego who was controlling and also innovative.

Inside Out Horse: The Inside Story on the Animal That’s Born to Run!
by David George Gordon
Whoa. No pun intended. This book is super cool. Information, photos, and diagrams about the horse’s system, training, breeds, and markings surround a three-dimensional paper horse’s inside — each page turn reveals another layer like the skeleton, muscles, and organs.

Inside Out Pirate Ship
by Paul Beck
Read about olden days pirates, ships, symbols, guns, and more written with factual information, diagrams, and photographs.

Inside Out Medieval Castle
by Justine Ciovacco
Will your reader love the three-dimensional castle in the middle of this book? The book is an informative look at medieval historic castles, their design, soldiers, the armory, daily life, and general life supported with pictures, diagrams, and photos.

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