60 Best 5th Grade Books in a Series (for 10 Year Olds)

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If you’re looking for good 5th grade books in a series, these top middle grade book series for 10- to 11-year-olds are great for every interest.

Once you get a 5th grader hooked on a series, you will be delighted to watch as they continue reading and reading and reading. Because there’s nothing like a good book series with a kazillion books in it…or every a book series with just a few. Knowing there are MORE books to read makes our 5th grade readers happy. (And the adults that care about their reading lives.)

You’ll find fiction books in all genres, from fantasy books to historical fiction books about World War II. This list includes the Harry Potter series, too. (I included here because the reading level is around 5th grade level.)

See ALL my book recommendations for 10-year-olds, 5th graders, here.

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5th grade books in a series

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Best 5th Grade Books in a Series for 10-Year-Olds


The Endling: The Last by Katherine Applegate
When the evil, conquering human ruler, Murdano, hunts and kills all the large, dog-like Dairne species, Byx is the only one who survives. Hoping to find a safe place and maybe the Dairne’s mythical homeland, Byx sets off on a dangerous, exciting adventure filled with new friends like Tobble, a wobbyk. I love, love, love this uniquely imagined fantasy world about friendship, differences, betrayal, and family.

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis
FANTASY (series)
After a food mage turns Aventurine, a dragon, into a human using a magical chocolate drink, she develops a passion for chocolate. Unrecognized by her dragon clan, Aventurine travels to the nearest city to apprentice herself to a chocolate shop. She’s a brave, adventurous girl who makes her chocolate dreams come true with help from a new friend and kind employers. Will she be as brave when her dragon family attacks the town? Enjoyable from the first page, this fantasy book is a delight to read.

The Ruins of Gorlan: Ranger’s Apprentice by John A. Flanagan
Will is apprenticed to become a Ranger, a job he’s unsure about. But as he develops a relationship with his master and learns what being a Ranger is all about (spying for the kingdom), he begins to embrace his new life. When an old enemy of the kingdom sends out dangerous beasts to attack Will’s master, Will is instrumental in getting help and killing the creatures. Action, fantasy, adventure, friendship, excellent writing — this book has it all! One of the best 5th grade books in a series, especially for boys. BOX SET

A Tale of Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
This book is bloody and macabre and an excellent, imaginative story that weaves Hansel and Gretel with eight more Grimm fairy tales. Hansel and Gretel abandon their terrible parents in order to find better ones –ones that won’t try to kill them. The narrator, a strong, quirky voice, warns us of the bloody things to come. While he’s sometimes distracting, for the most part, I liked how his snarky voice kept me from getting too freaked out by the gruesome parts. Once in the wild forest, Hansel transforms into a ravenous, hunter-beast, and Gretel continues on her own.


Dungeon Club Roll Call by Molly Knox Ostertag, illustrated by Xanthe Bouma
8th grader Olivia and her best friend Jess love the tabletop RPG game Dungeons and Dragons. Jess is a loner and only wants one friend Olivia, their Dungeon Master. But when Olivia starts a D&D club, Jess gets mad that Tyler joins. She is mean to him and kills him in the game. (Jess didn’t like Tyler because in 6th grade, to avoid being called gay, he said they were going out.) Jess’s father helps her see the power of friends to fight monsters and she apologizes to Tyler and makes room for more friends in her life. A great life lesson, stunning artwork, a tabletop RPG game, what’s not to love!?

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
We loved this series so much we read it twice for a bedtime story! You’ll love the strong female main character, a princess named Cimorene who doesn’t want to live the typical princess life. She leaves her home to apprentice herself to a dragon. Just for fun. No prince rescuing involved, thank you very much. Then she must help save her dragon from a group of evil wizards. We LOVE and highly recommend these 5th grade books. BOX SET

Saving Fable by Scott Reintgen
Book lovers — don’t miss this wildly imaginative story about a girl named Indira who has always wanted to be chosen to go to the Protagonist Preparatory, a school for side characters and protagonists where they hope one of the Brainstormers will introduce them to an author. As we become acquainted with this creative world where (book)Marks and DogEars roam the streets, the story grows into an exciting adventure and puzzling mystery — because someone is using dangerous magic that will damage the world of stories forever. Enchanting and unique.

Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland
FANTASY (series)
A group of dragonets who might be the long-awaited dragonets of the prophecy that will end the dragon wars for good leave their protectors’ safety only to be captured by a cruel dragon faction. One thing’s for sure: when the dragonets are captured, things don’t look good for their safety and future.  One of the most popular 5th grade books.

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
One minute Gregor and his little sister are in New York City, and the next, they’re in the Underland — where insects and Rats are as large as humans. But all Gregor wants to do is return home…until he learns that his missing father might be in the Underland as a captive of the Rats. He’s a very good big brother so he makes sure his (darling) toddler sister can go with him before he leaves with a group of human and animal allies to search for his dad. Oh, and he’s meant to fulfill a prophecy, too.

The Adventurers Guild by Zach Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos
Zed and Brock don’t want to be chosen for the Adventurers Guild. Nobody does. Unlike the mages or merchants guild, the adventurers must leave the safety of their walled city to fight the monsters who live on the outside. Unfortunately, Zed and Brock are picked as Adventurers. And before they can finish training, Zed, Brock, and others are sent on a outside the city fact-finding mission that uncovers treachery, fiendish beasts, and Zed’s untapped magic. Imaginative world-building, intriguing plot twists, and complex characters kept me enthralled from page one!

Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis
I think you already know about these amazing 5th grade books in the Narnia series but if you don’t, they’re absolutely engaging fantasy adventures that will hook your kids into reading, especially The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Warriors by Erin Hunter
A house cat discovers wild cats who live in four clans near his house. He leaves his home to join the ThunderClan and becomes Firepaw, an apprentice warrior. Just in time, too. Because the ShadowClan wants to take their land. Firepaw will be needed to find the traitor and protect his new family. Excellent writing and adventure make this 5th grade book series hard to put down. Boxed set here

Charlie Hernandez and the League of Shadowsby Ryan Calejo
Charlie Hernández’s house burns down, his parents go missing, and he is sent to a foster home. But it’s when he grows HORNS, the WINGS, and meets the MYTHS in real life — like calacas, mukis, and El Justo Juez — that he’s freaked out. Fortunately, a persistent classmate Violet Rey (also his crush) helps Charlie follow the clues to discover what happened to his parents and if he’s the prophesied Morphling who is meant to save the world. I highly recommend Charlie Hernández and the League of Shadows by Ryan Calejo — it’s immediately engaging with the perfect balance of action, dialogue, & writing.

Skyborn Sparrow Rising by Jessica Khoury
Ellie is an orphan Sparrow girl in a world of avian-human caste system who flees the orphanage so she can compete for a coveted spot in the knight training school. She travels with a group of thieves and their friendship and adventures open her eyes to who is actually honorable and heroic. She also discovers that the stolen gargol eye has powerful healing properties. This fantasy adventure checks all the boxes with a courageous main character and complicated companions, an interesting world, and lots of surprises.

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
I stayed up all night to finish this book –it was fantastic! Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. And Sophie has a secret—she’s a Telepath, not a human. She must leave the human world for the Elvin world where she’ll face danger from both worlds. Her only hope is to regain the memories of her past.

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
FANTASY (series)
An addictive series you won’t be able to put down! Fairy tales come alive when Alex and Conner (brother and sister) are trapped in the fairy tale world. Their only way home is to find the ingredients for a Wishing Spell. Finding them will be dangerous, mysterious, and life-changing. The characters are memorable, unique, and familiar all at the same time. Kids love these books. (So do I.) BOX SET HERE.

Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Artsby Erika Lewis
Fast-paced with Celtic mythology, read about a foster child attending a magical school and searching for answers about her mysterious heritage. Kelcie is a foster kid raised in the human world. At the Academy, she discovers that she’s a mistrusted elemental called a Saiga, a mistrusted elemental, and finds friends who help her learn about her unique powers. They’ll also fight the monsters who continue to attack Kelcie. 

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
The best-selling children’s book of all time, this is a MUST READ for so many reasons: the brilliant storytelling, a complex and entertaining plot, relatable characters, rich language, essential life lessons about friendship, magic, and bravery, and more. (See all my reasons for reading Harry Potter.Harry Potter gets kids excited about reading; it’s compelling and amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it!!

Science Fiction

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle
A Wrinkle in Time is a remarkable, well-written adventure in space that deals with the overarching theme of good vs. evil. Meg and her brother, Charles Wallace, and friend, Calvin, set off to find her scientist father who disappeared while researching tesseracts. I’ve read this book so many times, I can’t count and every time it’s just as fantastic. Box set here

 by Amy McCulloch
Lacey finds an unusual, half-destroyed cat baku and rebuilds it using a 3D printer and found parts. When her baku Jinx starts to work, he’s noticeably different than the others because he can speak into her mind and think for himself! When she starts competing with other kids at her prestigious school in the battle of the bakus, Jinx doesn’t follow the rules, which leads to two bad things — Jinx’s capture and the discovery of a sinister truth about the MONCHA company. Fantastic, fast-paced, and thought-provoking.


Sanity & Tallulah
by Molly Brooks
Sanity and Tallulah are two good friends who live on a space station. Sanity is a brilliant inventor — but her newest (illegal) creation, a three-headed kitten named Princess Destroyer of Worlds has escaped and is living up to her name — destroyer. The friends look for their missing kitten but instead discover a big problem that will destroy the space station only it’s not caused by the kitten. While the station is evacuated, the friends work hard to stop the duct weasels and the engine from overheating. I love the space station setting, the super-smart problem-solving main characters, and the non-stop action.

Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)Dead City by James Ponti
SCI-FI (Paranormal)
Molly’s recruited to hunt zombies in New York City, just like her mother, who is dead. Or is mom actually a zombie? Molly glimpses someone who looks just like her mother, only she’s a zombie. This is a great action-adventure-mystery book series for 5th graders.

good book SERIES for 10 year olds
 by Gordon Korman
SCI-FI (series)
Eli and his friends discover that their utopian town is a large-scale, illegal science experiment to determine if kids cloned from criminal masterminds can be good when raised in the right environment. Eli and his cloned friends know they can’t stay in their town of lies anymore but how can they escape when the minute they reach the border, they experience violent pain and guards surround them? And if they do escape, what will they next? My kids and I couldn’t put this book down –it’s an amazing, action-packed adventure.

best graphic novels for kids5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior by Mark Siegel, Alexis Siegel, Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller, and Boya Sun 
Gorgeous artwork sets the tone for an otherworldly story. The five worlds are falling into chaos. When one world attacks another, Oona Lee, a girl who is a sand dancer, rescues two boys and the three determine to lit the unlit Beacons and save the worlds. But, they face a dark force that comes with a devastating betrayal. See the artwork from 5 Worlds on their Tumblr page here. (I mentioned this on Instagram but this book enticed my daughter with a chronic illness who hasn’t felt well enough to read in months to read!!)

good books for 10 year olds
The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Colgate
This exciting series makes the zombie apocalypse sounds like a fun adventure. Jack and his best friend, Quint, live in an upgraded, well-defended treehouse where they plan to first rescue his crush June (she doesn’t need rescuing being quite capable) and then fight zombies. Illustrations throughout make this even more appealing to read and imagine. Delightful. Who would have thought?! BOXED SET HERE.

Realistic Fiction

by Kyla Miller
Olive is upset when she learns that a classmate can’t afford the fees for a class field trip. Her aunt suggests that Olive organize a protest. She does research at the library and ends up doing a petition and a sit-in. Unfortunately, no one else seems to care so Olive spontaneously runs for student council — which offends her friends — but she learns about other big issues students face that should be changed and works hard to make a difference. Readers will see that one girl CAN make a difference! Engaging, inspiring, and perfect for the world right now.


All Four Stars by Tara Dairman
Food-enthusiast Gladys is suffering in a house of microwaving parents. Gladys not only appreciates quality food, but she also loves to cook, and wants to be a food critic. (She already has lots of practice writing her daily notes about her parents’ horrid creations.) When a mix-up in a writing contest has the editors of a paper thinking she’s an adult, can she actually write a published newspaper review without letting anyone know she’s only 10-years-old? We LOVE this series!

100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12) NEW KID

New Kid by Jerry Craft
This graphic novel is the Newbery winner for 2020Jordan’s parents make him go to a private school across town where he’s one of the only kids of color. Besides having the tricky business of navigating friendships, he now must deal with the two separate worlds of his neighborhood and his school along with racism and balancing academics with his artwork. This story feels truthful, relatable, and important.

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall
The Penderwick family embarks on a summer vacation on the estate of Arundel. It’s a magical time of imaginative play, family time, and a new friend — Jeffrey, the son of the estate owner. I love the unique personalities of all the sisters, their adventures, and the nostalgic feel of the long summer days spent together in play.

Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova
My daughter found this graphic novel SO RELATABLE — just like she struggles with confidence and speaking up, so does the main character, Peppi. This well-done graphic novel tackles the issues of friendships and confidence, among other things.

Ghost by Jason Reynolds
Ghost accidentally gets on a track team and it’s life-changing. His coach becomes a mentor and father figure who pushes Ghost to take responsibility for his mistakes (stealing sneakers) and to start dealing with the ghosts of his past. Well-written and hopeful about growing up and growing into yourself.

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper
Just because Melody can’t walk or talk due to cerebral palsy doesn’t mean she isn’t smart — and she is smart! She’s just sick of people thinking she’s dumb and wants out of the trap of her mind. She finds a way to communicate but is still treated poorly by her peers. Realistic, sometimes very painful, and important for everyone to read. GREAT class book or book club book.

Smile by Raina Telgemeier
Raina shares her growing up stories with humor and amazing art in her memoir books: Smile, Sisters, and Drama. My 10-year-old daughter read Sisters four times the first week she owned it – they’re excellent books and quite addictive. Boxed set here.

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Because this is written in verse, this is a fast read but packs a big punch. Basketball player and twin Josh narrates his life in quarters, just like the game he plays. He writes about missing his twin when his twin, Jordan, gets a girlfriend; about getting in trouble when he hits Jordan in the face with a basketball; and about watching his father as his heart fails. This is a coming-of-age, gripping story about a boy who is just trying to figure out who he is.

100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12) FRONT DESK

Front Desk by Kelly Yang
Mia and her parents have struggled ever since moving to America from China. When her parents take a new live-in job at a motel, they end up working around the clock for very little pay. Mia helps out by working at the front desk. She befriends the weekly tenants and uses her English skills to write letters advocating for other people in tough spots. This book is more than a memorable coming-of-age immigrant story, it’s also an important novel about tolerance and diversity. 6th graders will love the writing, the characters, the plot, and the messages of inclusion and determination.

100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12)

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser
Like The Penderwicks, you’ll fall in love with this quirky, wonderful family from the first page. The Vanderbeekers’ landlord wants them out by the end of December but the Vanderbeeker kids are determined to change his mind, even though he hates noise, kids, and their family. But it’s almost Christmas and their efforts are only making things worse. What will they do? Charming and heart-warming.

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
Narrated by a gorilla named Ivan, this story about friendship, love, and compassion grabs your heart immediately. Making it even more compelling, it’s true! Ivan is kept in a cage in a run-down mall for 27 years without seeing another gorilla. He’s friends with the stray dog named Bob, a full-grown elephant named Stella, and Ruby, a newly purchased baby elephant. When Stella begs Ivan to make sure Ruby doesn’t grow old in their cages, Ivan finds his courage.

The Friendship Code #1 Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch
Lucy joins a coding club so she can make an app for her uncle to remember his medications. But the class is moving TOO slow. Then, a mysterious letter arrives on her locker with instructions in code. The subsequent messages in code put her back in touch with old friends and help her build a new friendship. Whoever is sending messages is teaching Lucy and her friends about input/output, conditionals, loops, and variables. To solve the mystery, the girls decide to write their own code…

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones, illustrations by Katie Kath
We loved this 5th grade book series. The book is written as letters from a girl named Sophie, who is newly living at the farm of her deceased great-uncle Jim. She writes to her dead abuelita, her dead great-uncle Jim, and Agnes of the Extraordinary Chickens catalog. While her parents are figuring out their new lives, Sophie figures out the farm. Specifically, the magical chickens who seem to have telekinesis, invisibility, and carnivorous chicks. But a neighbor chicken thief is also interested in Jim’s chickens, too — and Sophie must stop her. Exceptional writing, characterization, and plot.

Wonder by R. J. Palacio
Wonder helps us see compassion, empathy, and acceptance from a variety of character’s points of view. Auggie, a boy with a facial difference, starts public school for the first time in 5th grade. His experience, though often difficult, shows his inner strength. This beautiful story shows that kindness wins over bullying.


Framed! A T.O.A.S.T. Mystery by James Ponti
Captivating from the first page, 12- year old Florian Bates uses his brilliant, observing brain to implement T.O.A.S.T. (the Theory of All Small Things) to notice things that others have missed. Including the FBI when there’s an art heist at the museum his mother works at. The FBI hires him to help unravel a mysterious art heist which he does with the help of his best friend, Margaret. Fast-paced and interesting.,

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris and Alec Azam, illustrated by Lissy Marlin and Kyle Hilton
Carter’s had a rough life, even now after he runs away from his crook of an uncle and lands in a New England town. There he encounters unsavory carnival people who remind him of his uncle. At the town’s magic shop, Carter meets a young girl and her fathers who love magic just like him. He and his new kid friends set out to thwart the carnie’s plot to steal the world’s biggest diamond. And maybe in the process, his luck will turn around. Through the book are ciphers, codes, and tricks giving this already delightful story extra oomph.

Winterhouse by Ben Guterson, illustrated by Chloe Bristol
Elizabeth, an orphan, is unexpectedly sent to a large, stately hotel with a kind, grandfatherly proprietor for Christmas vacation. There, she discovers a magical book, a sinister couple, a family mystery, and a new friend who loves puzzles as much as she does. The writing is mesmerizing, the mystery fascinating, and the characters, enchanting. This is a delightful, atmospheric read.

Eddie Red Undercover Mystery in Mayan Mexico by Marcia Wells
Eddie, his best friend Jonah, and his parents are on vacation in Mexico. When Eddie’s dad becomes the primary suspect in the theft of a stolen Mayan mask, Eddie and Jonah decide to solve the mystery themselves. Only they don’t speak Spanish very well and there’s more to this mystery than just a stolen mask. You’ll love the Spanish words throughout, the well-paced action, and the characters.

Girl’s Best Friend (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery) by Leslie Margolis
Maggie loves walking dogs in her neighborhood (even though her parents don’t know) so when dogs go missing, she knows she must find the culprit. The clues lead her to suspect her friend and secret crush, Milo. Maggie’s determined to solve the case but what if she doesn’t like what she finds?


good books for 10 year olds
Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life
by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts, illustrated by Laura Park
Rafe’s goal in middle school is to break every single rule. You can imagine how his plan will go, right? Filled with cartoon-like illustrations, this story will crack you up. BOX SET HERE.

Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)
Anyone But Ivy Pocket
 by Caleb Krisp
I read many parts out loud to my kids while I was reading this book; they were just so funny!! Now my kids are addicted to this series, too. Quirky but lovable Ivy’s adventures involve a sinister ghost, a mystical jewel, and a surprising destiny.

Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)
Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger
A funny but poignant story of middle-school angst and discovery! Unpopular Dwight can make origami Star Wars characters. When his puppet of Yoda comes to life, just like Yoda, the origami Yoda is wise and helpful during the many trials of 6th grade.

The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry
While on a class trip to Washington D.C., Wyatt and his best friend, Matt, are positive they’ve discovered a plot to blow up the White House. Wyatt’s crush, Suzanna, helps the friends make a plan, and as you can imagine, disaster and hilarity strike. I totally loved this book and know your kids (especially those who like humor) will as well.

Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs
Was the FunJungle’s hippo murdered? Teddy and Summer think so. Mystery, adventure, and humor will keep your readers on the edge of their seats in this unique story with quirky characters perfect for 10-year-old readers.



Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein
Kyle and a few classmates win a sleepover at the town’s newly created library by game-creator Mr. Lemoncello. The silly Mr. Lemoncello devises a fun way to get OUT of the library — you can only get out if you solve the puzzles around the entire library. Will the kids work together or will it be every child for himself? Kids can’t put this literary adventure book down, nor it’s the subsequent books in the series.

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit
This is National Geographic’s first fictional book series with full-color illustrations that hits the spot with an exciting mix of science, technology, adventure, and mystery. Newly accepted into the prestigious Explorer Academy for science and exploration, Cruz realizes that someone is trying to kill him; someone who doesn’t want him finding out about his mother’s mysterious research and untimely death. You’ll love the cool tech, amazing friendships, plot twists, and the intriguing premise.

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters
Logan is an amazing, neurodivergent main character orphan who lives at a new foster home. Logan and his neighbor, a super cool older girl named Elena, discover that his foster parents are lying and they’re superheroes. But when that revelation sinks in, Logan’s foster parents are double-crossed and captured. In an exciting, fast-paced adventure, Logan and Elena use his wits and her strength to save his foster parents and other supes from the villains and the traitor.

Minecraft: The Island (An Official Minecraft Novel Book 1) by Max Brooks
Reader recommended! In this first adventure, Z is stranded on an island in Minecraft and must unravel its secrets in order to survive. ***GET ALL 9 OF THE MINECRAFT BOOKS IN THE SERIES HERE.

Treasure Hunters by James Petterson and Chris Grabenstein, illustrated by Juliana Neufeld
ADVENTURE (series)
The life of the four Kidd siblings isn’t typical — they live on a boat, and their parents are treasure hunters. Unfortunately, not only is their mom missing but their father went overboard in a bad storm. Now they’re on their own and need money to survive. The only way they know is to find a treasure and sell it. But danger is around every wave; they’re not sure who to trust. This is a fast, action-packed adventure that sets the tone for more books to come.

Choose Your Own Adventure 4-Book Boxed Set by R.A. Montgomery
Get a box set of four bestselling titles from the classic choose your own adventure series! Young readers still love these books!

Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)
The Doll People
by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, illustrated by Brian Selznick
After discovering her missing aunt’s diary, Annabelle Doll can’t stop wondering about what happened and is determined to find out — even at the risk of becoming “Permanent.” Will she leave the safety of her family’s dollhouse to find her aunt? Kids love this exciting adventure of the dolls in a dollhouse who are real and do come to life when we’re not watching. Box set here.


Book Series for 5th Graders (10-Year Olds)
by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller, illustrated by Karl Kwasny
Charlie’s dad has remarried and moved Charlie and his younger brother into the stepmother’s frightening purple mansion. There, Charlie begins to have the most horrible nightmares — nightmares that blur the boundaries between reality and dream. When witches from the nightmare world steal Charlie’s brother, Charlie and his friends must face their fears in order to save both Charlie’s little brother and the entire awake world. Hard to put this story down, this is an enthralling book choice for upper elementary school readers.

City Spies by James Ponti
When Sara, a foster kid and hacker, gets in trouble again, her new so-called lawyer recruits her to be an MI6 spy. Sara joins a team of other kids, trains quickly, and is immediately sent undercover to break open a big case in Paris. I don’t want to spoil anything but I predict you’ll love every second of this action-packed story! It’s filled with great characters and an interesting twisty plot. You won’t be able to put this book series down.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation by Stuart Gibb
The CIA asks a super genius 12-year-old girl named Charlie to help find the missing and dangerous “Pandora” theory of Einstein’s. You will fall in love with Charlie—she’s a creative thinker and a survivor who, despite all her knowledge still can act like a child yet also outwit bad guys in amazing ways. Terrorists, Moussed, cross-world travel, and mathematical clues combine with excellent writing to make the perfect action-adventure spy 5th grade book.

Historical Fiction

The War That Saved My Life
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Ada and her brother escape their mother’s abuse when the London children are evacuated during WWII and go to live with a grieving woman in a small country town. It’s difficult for both the woman and children to trust, but slowly the trust grows and all three regain something lost –hope and love. 

Show Me a Sign
 by Ann Clare LeZotte
Set in the Martha’s Vineyard community of Chilmark with a high percentage of deaf individuals, Mary’s a smart girl who speaks sign language. But a researcher kidnaps Mary as a live specimen and imprisons and studies her. Even worse, she can’t communicate with anyone because no one else speaks sign, and Mary doesn’t have access to a pencil and paper. Eventually, she gets a chance to write a message and makes it back home with help. 

Dactyl Hill Squad by Daniel Jose Older
Take a thrilling ride through Civil War history — with DINOSAURS! In this exciting adventure with diversity, slavers kidnap most of the orphans in NYC’s Colored Orphan Asylum but the small group of kids that escapes to join with the Vigilance Committee to fight back and rescue their kidnapped friends.

Lost in the Pacific, 1942: Not a Drop to Drink by Tod Olson
Lost is a riveting retelling of a soldiers’ plane crash followed by weeks of thirst and starvation in the perilous South Seas on precarious lifeboats. The fast-paced writing moves the story along with purpose and the photographic evidence is fascinating. 10-year old readers will be hard-pressed to put this intense true story down. (Next in the series: Lost in Outer Space: The Incredible Journey of Apollo 13.)

5th grade books in a series

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