8 New & Exciting Easy Reader Books

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Because beginning readers need plenty of good books, I’m always looking for what’s new and good. Book that kids will love to read. I adore Jan Thomas’ new books and am totally excited to share with you Baby Monkey, Private Eye. Your kids are going to LOVE them.

Find these and more excellent easy reader books separated by phonics, level 1 and levels 2+ on the Best Easy Readers for 5- and 6- Year Olds.

8 new and exciting easy readers for 5 and 6 year old kids

8 New & Exciting Easy Reader Books

Curious George Math and Science Readers 

10-Book STEM Reading Program (Grades K – 1)
I really like this easy reader series. It’s content-rich about topics like: shapes, growing a garden, the weather, patterns, the number 10, healthy bodies, and more. I appreciate how readable these books are, with only simple sentences on each page accompanied by a colorful illustration on the opposite page. Each book includes a glossary at the front of STEM words, sight words, and study words. Finally, because each book has a card of information for you to help extend the learning. These not only help kids practice learning to read but they teach important, age-appropriate STEM concepts, I’m impressed. (SEE PAGE PHOTOS ON MY INSTAGRAM.)


Baby Monkey, Private Eye
by Brian Selznick and David Serlin, illustrated by Brian Selznick
A new favorite for sure! Kids are going to LOVE this delightful, humorous easy reader book. It’s a collection of short, predictable stories about an adorable monkey who solves mysteries. The predictable text in each of the stories doesn’t just tie together these stories, it helps new readers know what to expect next. Genius! Each of these lines below is its own page with a charming black-and-white illustration the opposite page.
“Baby monkey looks for clues.//
Baby monkey writes notes.//
Baby monkey eats a snack.//
Baby monkey puts on his pants.”
I can not say enough good things about this book. Oh, and you know what else kids will love? (Besides the stories?) That it’s a big book — and looks hard. Kids like reading big books for street cred. This does the trick — and still is easy text they can read.


Sheep asks her friends to guess what makes her happy. She gives them a hint: it starts with the letter F. Can you guess along with her barnyard friends? No, it’s not a fish. Or fans. Duck thinks long and hard and guesses… turnips. Which, as you know, does not start with F. {chuckle} This is a hilarious story your kids will want to read again and again. I can not get enough of Jan Thomas’ exuberant illustrations, they are my favorite!

My Toothbrush is Missing
 by Jan Thomas
Dog tells his friends that his toothbrush is missing. Donkey asks Dog to describe it. Which leads to hilarious fun! Because for every description Dog shares (bristles, long handle), Donkey thinks he’s found it — but he finds other things that also fit those descriptions (Fat Cat, a broom, an egg beater, …) Entertaining dialogue, brilliant brightly-colored comic-style illustrations, and a funny, funny ending. Perfection. (Can you tell I love Jan Thomas?)

Snails Are Just My Speed!
 by Kevin McCloskey
McCloskey begins this book with one large sentence of factual information per two page spread “With mucus, they can travel on any surface.” Then, the cartoon illustrations have dialogue bubbles of speech with more details. “My mucus can be like oil…” and “or like glue!” Fascinating stuff! Later pages in the book have a bit more text. If you’re looking for a quality nonfiction book for your beginning reader, this is an excellent choice.
The Party and Other Stories (Fox and Chick)
 by Sergio Ruzzier
Charming watercolor illustrations in comic-panels from one of my favorite illustrators, Sergio Ruzzier, accompany three stories of friendship that are filled with dry humor that will surprise readers. I love how Ruzzier’s artwork captures nuances of emotion and personality which accompany the stories. Brilliant. Sure to be a favorite for reading aloud or as an easy reader.


Snowball Run
 by Lisa Harkrader, illustrated by Lynne Avril
STEM – Simple Machines
It’s a snow day so Emmie, her little brother Owen, and Booker are sledding at Booker Hill. But Owen easily tires of climbing back up the steep hill and he’s too heavy for Emmie and Booker to pull him up more than once. But, Emmie has a great idea. With her mom’s help, they make a pulley — and it works! Now they can sled all day long, even when Owen gets tired. I’d guess this was a level 3 easy reader.


Rafi and Rosi Pirates!
 by Lulu Delacre (level 3, early fluent)
This book is also in Spanish: Rafi y Rosi Piratas
Set in Puerto Rico with Spanish words mixed into the text, tree frogs and siblings Rafi and Rosi with big imaginations. These three stories take place at Morro Fort in San Juan. The children explore and play — pretending to be pirates, finding real gold coins, and imagining a sea monster attack. Even though it doesn’t say, this seems like a level 3 easy reader to me.


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  1. My 8- and 6-year-old boys absolutely LOVED all of Jan Thomas’ books! I was cracking up reading Is That Wise Pig because it was an unexpected twist! I have seen my 6-year-old become a more confident reader just in the past month and I owe it to the Dust Bunny books. Thank you for this post!