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What board books are your child’s favorite? Or maybe they have a cloth book that they love? If you’re looking to add to your collection, from board books with flaps to books about animal feet, there is plenty to choose from this season.


I personally preferred to buy most of our board books because well, of the chewing. And germs. Yuck. Because that’s what kids do at this baby and toddler stage — eat up good books! 🙂


How about you? Buy or borrow?


New Board Book Reviews, Spring 2018New Board Book Reviews, Spring 2018

Park: Baby’s First Cloth Book
by Nosy Crow, illustrated by Lisa Jones and Edward Underwood
These are the books you don’t want to borrow from the library. Why? Because they are meant to be read and chewed and smooshed — especially the middle page that makes a satisfying crunchy sounds. I love that this book is about a topic almost all babies and toddlers know — the park! Read about Baby Boo and his Mommy who visit the park. See a dog,  a squirrel, rain, ducks, and birdie and learn some of their sounds, too. Bright, cheerful oranges, greens, and blue colors with eye-catching illustrations. I am slightly confused that the mom is brown and the baby is white but … Also see: Farm: Baby’s First Cloth Book.


Open the Garage Door . . .
illustrated by Christopher Santoro
Cute cartoon-like illustrations, one question per page, and sturdy flaps with familiar vehicles underneath are sure to appeal to young children. “What’s big and yellow and carries lots of kids?”


The seagulls have hidden the dog bones somewhere on the beach. Lift the flaps to help the dogs find the missing dog bones. Count them, there are 10! Bright, playful illustrations and lots of interactive fun make this an excellent addition to your board book collection.


Little Truck
by Taro Gomi
A bright pink little truck (who is adorable) climbs a really steep hill (with help from a bigger truck) then goes home, sleeping on Big Truck’s truck bed. Perfect text and illustration with the reassuring message of doing your own thing and that your parent will never be far behind.


Bedtime, Ted!
 by Sophy Henn
It’s, “Bedtime, Ted!” but Ted is not quite ready. First he has to “brush, brush, brush [his] teeth with a toothy crocodile.” And get water. And jump. Until he is ready for “snoozing, sleeping dreaming with a cuddly friend or two.”  Kids will love unfolding the pages then seeing all Ted’s special plush animal friends with him in the bed.


Where Is Little Fish?
by Lucy Cousins
I love Lucy Cousins’s colorful style of illustrations, don’t you? In this story, Little Fish is playing hide-and-seek with her friends. Lift the flaps to find her. (In the shell, behind the coral, in the treasure chest, …)


Count with Little Fish
by Lucy Cousins
Count the fish on each page. “Three counting fish… one, two, three!” Colorful fish pop out against the blue background of this number sense board book.


Stomp! Stomp!
by Sebastien Braun
Look under the flaps to find dinosaurs hiding. Find the dinosaur and read along with the noise word — stomp, stomp, munch, munch, roar, roar. Sure to be a hit with dino-loving little ones. Also Read: The Best Dinosaur Books for Kids


Yoga Bug Simple Poses for Little Ones
by Sarah Jane Hinder
What a darling book! This will get you and your little one reading and stretching into animal yoga poses — like the bee or the creepy crawly caterpillar. Kids pose on one side while the bug poses on the other. “Wiggle, giggle, jiggle / hands and feet. // Flipped Beetle.


Me and My Cars
by Liesbet Slegers
Slick, sturdy pages (a lot of pages!) display the many different kinds of vehicles and what they do. From a moving van to a police car to an excavator, this book will teach kids all about each one. It’s a lot longer than your average board book which means more to look at and learn!


Where’s the Dog?
by Ingela P. Arrhenius
I love the combo of lift-the-flaps and touch and feel — because kids get to lift felt flaps, not paper flaps. Find the cat, mouse, rabbit, and dog. Then find YOU, in a mirror.



Who has scaly feet? Turn the page to find out — a crocodile! Full color illustrations and simple text make this a winning introduction to the differences in animal’s feet.


Walk and See ABC 
by Rosalind Beardshaw
In this sturdy board book is a young child’s guide to nature from A for Ants to Z for zigzag. And kite, lamb, mole, and nest, in between. Warm illustrations of two friends playing in nature appeal to readers who can almost imagine themselves outside with the friends.

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