Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+

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This is cool!” my daughter exclaimed after trying Botley, the new, adorable blue and green coding robot from Learning Resources. And she’s right! Botley is a cool {engaging & fun} way for children 5 + to learn hands-on coding. Even better, Botley does not require any other devices– NO smartphone or tablet required. And I love the growth mindset opportunities like failure and persistence that children will develop with this coding toy.

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Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+

Who: For children ages 5+

What: It’s a hands-on way to learn the foundational thinking concepts of programming in code (sequencing, looping, if/then)

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

Why: It’s 100% screen free, playful, includes a full activity set of 77 pieces, encourages creativity, teaches coding, and adapts to a child’s level of beginning or intermediate

How: Use the Remote Programmer to program commands — turn left, turn right, reverse, detect an object, loop (repeat a step or sequence), transmit (send the code to Botley) and clear.

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, 77 PiecesLearning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, 77 Pieces

Line Detection

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

See the cardboard puzzle pieces above with the black lines? Turn the switch on the bottom to “Line” mode. Beginning coders will have fun with this using the “line detection” mode. (You can even make your own lines — just use thick enough markers so Botley can “read” them.) It helps kids understand that they are guiding the robot, first with lines and later with our directions in code. Botley doesn’t do anything without directions!

If / Then

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

Another fun feature is object detection. Botley, again, always needs the programmer’s input so you’ll have to tell him what to do when something gets in his way. This teaches kids “if/then” reasoning. They might do forward, forward, object detection, turn right, turn right.


What about looping? Maybe you want your robot to turn in a circle. You can program four left turns OR you can use your loop command and loop in the left turns.

Or get a complicated set of directions and include looping within the code. It saves time!

Sequential Directions

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

Get your programming skills going with sequential directions. First, make a maze or obstacle course. My daughter loved this activity! Then, use the remote control to program Botley to make it through successfully.

Here’s what I, a parent and educator, really love about this… It won’t work the first time.

Or maybe even the second.

Or third.


It takes persistence and thoughtful revision in order to successfully get Botley where you want him to go — through the maze, for example.

Talk about growth mindset in action. We want these opportunities, right?

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

What else can you do with Botley? 

Have Botley try to push ball into the ring. (Use the attachable arms!)

Be creative and think of new challenges for your Botley robot. There are many, many more ways to use this clever learning toy.

Incidentally, we think it’s very cute when you leave Botley for too long unattended and he calls out, “yoo hoo.” (Does that remind anyone else of Frozen?)

Read more about Botley on the Learning Resources website.

BUY Botley on Amazon or Learning Resources.

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Parents who sign the STEM pledge will be given the opportunity to nominate a school or teacher, five of which will be selected to receive $500 worth of STEM products from Learning Resources. 

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY

Botley Giveaway!!!!

One Imagination Soup reader will WIN a Botley Robot and Activity Set, valued at $79.99. Enter below.

Meet Botley, An Adorable Coding Robot for Children 5+ #BOTLEY
Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set ($79.99 value)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Botley from Learning Resources. My opinions are my own.

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  1. Ashley Hoffenberg says:

    We are big into STEM right now. My son would enjoy discovering how this works. 😉

  2. My KG and 1st grade students would love Botley.

  3. This would be great since my little school is starting to add STEM and coding classes.

  4. This looks like it would be so interesting! You always have such fantastic recommendations!

  5. This would be perfect for my youngest!

  6. This could be just the thing to get my reluctant learners to engage in STEM.

  7. What an adorable learning tool. I love all the amazing reasources you provide.

  8. Cynthia W says:

    This is great. My daughter who loves snap circuits would love this!

  9. My youngest students would be able to work with Botley and love it

  10. R.A. Allard says:

    This looks like a great tool for STEM learning, and also super fun play!

  11. I love how coding is becoming so accessible to kids. It’s very important due to the way the job market is headed.

  12. Katherine S says:

    I like how you always have to tell him what to do. My kids would love this

  13. The ability to teach young children code in a screen free format is amazing!

  14. Beth Anne says:

    Oh wow my kids would love this!

  15. It is multi-functional

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