60 Best 6th Grade Books in a Series

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Find the best, most compelling middle grade 6th grade books in a series for 11-year-olds to keep them reading more books and for longer time periods. Because there’s nothing like a good book…and it’s even better when your favorite book is in a series!

Here in Colorado, many elementary schools include 6th grade while others have the 6th graders in the middle school. I loved having a sixth grader class in my elementary school. Which do you prefer? 6th grade is usually age 11 and 12.

6th grade reading is becoming more sophisticated. Now children are reading books about even more complex and sophisticated topics and themes such as coming of age, mental health, eating disorders, body image, and other real life situations. Kids are reading books that relate to their lives as well as transport them into the lives of others, whether in realistic fiction or science fiction or historical fiction.

This list of books includes the fiction genres of fantasy, science fiction, humor, historical fiction, mystery, adventure, and realistic fiction with books about many different topics and themes. I hope these recommended books hit the spot and your young readers find their next favorite book!

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6th Grade Books in a Series for 11-Year-Olds

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

books for 6th grade

Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston
Fantastic fantasy world-building, excellent writing, a strong female heroine of color, and a surprise plot twist ending are just a few of the reasons you’ll love this middle grade book. Amari gets a message from her missing brother that says she’s a magician and should attend a special school. At the magical school, she discovers she has outlawed dark magic. Even though she’s not welcome, Amari is determined to stay in the school and find her brother.

Charlie Hernandez and the League of Shadows
by Ryan Calejo
Charlie Hernández’s house burns down, his parents go missing, and he is sent to a foster home. But it’s when he grows HORNS, the WINGS, and meets the MYTHS in real life he’s really freaked out. Fortunately, a persistent classmate named Violet Rey helps Charlie follow the clues to find the truth about his parents and if he’s the prophesied Morphling meant to save the world. A perfect 6th grade book series with a great balance of action, dialogue, & writing.

Hither and Nigh by Ellen Potter
Guaranteed to enthrall with masterful storytelling and wildly inventive world-building, Nell is forced to join the Last Chance Club or be expelled from school. The club focuses on magic and begins Nell’s search to find her missing brother. She leaves her world of Nither to the magical world of Nigh where she hopes to track the poachers who kidnapped her brother. 

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by A.F. Steadman
In Skandar’s world with bloodthirsty unicorns and unicorn riders, he’s denied as a unicorn rider until a mysterious woman sneaks him in. He learns he and his unicorn have the forbidden 5th spirit element like the evil Weaver whose been wreaking destruction and stealing unicorns. His new friends help him hide the magic and control his unicorn who hates pretending to be a water elemental. But he and his unicorn’s elemental magic may be the only ones who can stop the Weaver.

best books for 11 year olds 6th grade
The Serpent’s Secret
(Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond #1) by Sayantani Dasgupta
Kiranmala discovers on her 12th birthday that she’s a princess from another realm and her parents are trapped in a black hole-type place. But there’s a lot more she’ll learn — like who her real parents are (yikes!) and that demons can be your friends. You’ll love every second of this entertaining Indian mythology adventure.

book series for 6th grade

Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Artsby Erika Lewis
Fast-paced with Celtic mythology, read about a foster child attending a magical school and searching for answers about her mysterious heritage. Kelcie is a foster kid raised in the human world. At the Academy, she discovers that she’s a mistrusted elemental called a Saiga, a mistrusted elemental, and finds friends who help her learn about her unique powers. They’ll also fight the monsters who continue to attack Kelcie. 

good books for 11 year olds
The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Colgate
An easier read for 6th graders that makes the zombie apocalypse fun. At least, that’s how Jack approaches life and zombie fighting. He and his best friend, Quint, live in an upgraded, well-defended treehouse where they plan to rescue his June and fight zombies. Illustrations throughout make this even more appealing to read and imagine! BOXED SET HERE.

A Tale of Dark and Grimm
by Adam Gidwitz
This first book in the 6th grade book series is macabre but excellent and imaginative story. It weaves the story of Hansel and Gretel with eight more Grimm fairy tales. After Hansel and Gretel abandon their murderous parents, they go to the wild forest where Hansel transforms into a ravenous, hunter-beast, and Gretel continues on her own. This book will make you want to reread your Complete Brother’s Grimm stories.

book series for 6th graders

The Ruins of Gorlan: Ranger’s Apprentice by John A. Flanagan
Will is apprenticed to become a Ranger. Ss he develops a relationship with his master and learns what being a Ranger is all about (spying for the kingdom), he embraces his new life. When an old enemy of the kingdom sends out dangerous beasts to attack Will’s master, Will is instrumental in getting help and killing the creatures. Action, fantasy, adventure, friendship, excellent writing — this book has it all! Boxed Set HERE.

Edge of Extinction The Ark Plan by Laura Martin
Cloned dinosaurs have taken over the earth, so Sky and her fellow humans live below ground. Sky discovers that her missing (maybe traitor?) father left her a note to find him. She decides to leave the underground city to find her dad. Barely outside a day, she and her friend Shawn are rescued from hungry dinosaurs by a boy who lives in a treetop enclave. When Noah’s soldiers attack, Sky realizes that everything she believed about Noah was wrong. This is one of my favorite book series for 6th graders!

Chapter Book Series for Middle School Readers
Lockwood & Co The Screaming Staircase  by Jonathan Stroud
Dangerous ghosts and spirits are appearing everywhere in London but only certain kids can see them. Teens Lucy, Anthony, and George badly need money for their ghost-hunting agency, Lockwood & Co., so they take a perilous job that, if the ghosts have their way, may just be their last. An enthralling, spooky adventure book series for 6th graders — and a new show. Boxed set here.

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon MessengerFANTASY
I stayed up all night to finish this book –it was fantastic! Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. And Sophie has a secret; she’s a Telepath and not human. She must leave the human world for the Elvin world where she’ll face danger from both worlds. Her only hope is to regain the memories about her past. Boxed set here.

The Fog Diver by Joel Ross
The world is covered by a deadly “fog” that kills humans so the humans live only on the highest mountain peaks. Our heroes, a band of scavenging orphans, are trying to find something in the world below that they can sell in order to travel to another city where they can treat the cloud sickness of their beloved mother figure. Excellent suspense in a fascinating world with interesting characters and plot.

Masterminds by Gordon Korman
This is one of our favorite 6th grade books with suspense and surprise! Eli and his friends discover that their utopian town is all a big science experiment. Kids cloned from criminal masterminds are being studied by a group of scientists posing as parents in a “perfect” closed community. Once the kids discover the truth, they escape but what will they do next? Find the masterminds?

Hera: The Goddess and her Glory by George O’Conner
Both my kids love O’Conner’s graphic novels and can’t wait for his next book, Hades. If you’re big Greek mythology fans, check out his other books, Athena and Zeus: King of the Gods.

best graphic novels for kids
5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior
by Mark Siegel, Alexis Siegel, Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller, and Boya Sun 
SCI-FI (series)
Gorgeous artwork sets the tone for an otherworldly story. The five worlds are falling into chaos. When one world attacks another, Oona Lee, a girl who is a sand dancer, rescues two boys and the three determine to light the unlit Beacons and save the worlds. But, they face a dark force that comes with a devastating betrayal.

by Amy McCulloch
Lacey finds an unusual, half-destroyed cat baku and rebuilds it using a 3D printer and found parts. When her baku Jinx starts to work, he’s different because he can speak into her mind and think for himself! So when she starts competing with other kids at her prestigious school in the battle of the bakus, Jinx doesn’t follow the rules which lead to two bad things — his capture and the discovery of a sinister truth about the MONCHA company. Fantastic, fast-paced, and thought-provoking. 

Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke
When the government cracks down and discovers her mom’s secret lab, Nere learns that her mom has experimented on her . . . and many other kids . . . so that they can survive underwater. Suddenly Nere has gills and is forced to swim for her life to meet up with the other kids who are part of the Neptune Project, traveling to where her not-really-dead-after-all father has built an underwater headquarters. The journey is dangerous and there’s tension within the group. Will they survive the trip and if they do, to what end?

books for 11 year olds
Sanity & Tallulah
by Molly Brooks
Sanity and Tallulah are two good friends who live on a space station. Sanity is a brilliant inventor — but her newest (illegal) creation, a three-headed kitten named Princess Destroyer of Worlds has escaped and is living up to her name — destroyer. The friends look for their missing kitten but instead discover a big problem that will destroy the space station. While the station is evacuated, the friends work hard to stop the duct weasels and the engine from overheating. Super-smart problem-solving main characters and non-stop action.

good books for 11 year oldsPodkin One-Ear The Legend Begins by Kieran Larwood
FANTASY (series)
One cold winter night, the night before Bramblemas, a traveling bard shares stories about the heroic Podkin One-Ear. Alternating between the bard’s experience and the story of Podkin, we learn that young Podkin was a lazy, spoiled prince. When the cruel Gorm, the metal dark magic rabbits, arrive at Podkin’s family’s burrow to kill everyone inside, Podkin escapes with his much braver sister and little brother. Podkin tries his best to be brave, but it’s a challenging.

impyrium good books for 11 year olds
by Henry H. Neff
Hazel is the third granddaughter, a princess who resembles no one else in the family except the most dangerous magician ruler the kingdom ever knew. She, like her ancestor, is gifted at magic and her grandmother wants to use Hazel’s magic to protect the kingdom. But it’s an unjust kingdom, and Hob, a young spy and commoner boy in her service, wants things to change. Hazel will face a choice to follow in the dark magic footsteps of her ancestor. Hob will face doing what he’s ordered or following his heart. Plots within plots, twists and turns, make this an enthralling new fantasy adventure.

Popular Illustrated Chapter Books for Middle Grade Readers
Voyage of the Frostheart
by Jamie Littler
Voyage of the Frostheart
is a fantastic, illustrated adventure chapter book story about an orphan boy with forbidden musical powers. After Ash’s Pathfinder parents disappear, Ash moves in with a strict guardian Yeti named Tobu. Unfortunately, they’re banished from their home when Ash uses his forbidden Song Weaver magic. They leave the village with a Pathfinder crew, a ship that sails over the snow. On their journey, Ash realizes that he can find his parents using the words in his childhood lullaby. But he’ll be tried, tested, and tricked. Who will he trust?

Chapter Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Dealing with Dragons
 by Patricia C. Wrede
You’ll love this strong female princess named Cimorene who doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress princess and leaves her home to apprentice herself to a dragon. For fun. No rescuing involved, thank you very much. Once there, she must help save her dragon from a nasty group of wizards. We LOVE and highly recommend these girl-power 6th grade books. Box set here.

Rump by Liesl Shurtliff
Rump learns that he’s trapped in his mom’s magical “rumple” which requires him to make straw into gold for any trade another person offers. The miller takes advantage of this, leaving Rump without options or any control. With the help of his troll friends, his friend Red, and his aunts, Rump finds a way to stop the magical curse and give the queen back her child.

26 Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull
Cole, a regular kid, is trick-or-treating with his friends when kidnappers take his friends to another world, a world of five kingdoms, slavery, and magic. Cole follows and is discovered and sold to slavers. There he’ll battle mysterious beings living on cloud castles, discover an exiled princess, escape from slavery, and have unimaginable adventures trying to find his missing friends. Box set here.

The Adventurers Guild by Zach Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos
If you like exciting 6th grade books, you’ll love this series. Zed and Brock are chosen for the Adventurers Guild and must leave the safety of their walled city to fight the monsters on the outside. Before they can finish training, Zed, Brock, and others are sent on outside the city on a fact-finding mission that uncovers treachery, fiendish beasts, and Zed’s untapped magic. Imaginative world-building, intriguing plot twists, and complex characters!

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret
by Trudi Trueit
This is National Geographic’s first fictional book series with full-color illustrations that hits the spot with an exciting mix of science, technology, adventure, and mystery. Newly accepted into the prestigious Explorer Academy for science and exploration, Cruz realizes that someone is trying to kill him; someone who doesn’t want him finding out about his mother’s mysterious research and untimely death. You’ll love the cool tech, amazing friendships, plot twists, and intriguing premise.

The Last Gate of the Emperor
by Kwame Mbalia and Prince Joel Makonnen
When Yared gives his real name during an augmented reality game, soldiers come after him. He partners with another game player, the Ibis, to escape the troops and the giant monster and find the truth. The two clever, quick-witted kids face incredible danger, insurmountable odds, and a galaxy-spanning war, but Yared has been trained for this and he is ready to fight. Set in a futuristic Ethiopian empire, this exciting adventure grabs your interest and keeps it through wild twists and turns that feature heroic main characters!

The Giver
by Lois Lowry
SCI-FI (series)
Set in a dystopian society, this Newbery medal winner grabs your attention and keeps it until the end. What is going on in this strictly controlled community? When Jonas is assigned his job as “Receiver of Memory,” he learns just how much the government has suppressed from the people’s knowledge, not to mention that they’re giving pills meant to control people’s behavior and that they murder so-called defective babies and older people. When his foster baby brother is up to be killed, Jonas must decide how he will save them both. BOX SET


Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life
by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts, illustrated by Laura Park
Rafe’s goal in middle school is to break every single rule. You can imagine how his plan will go, right? Filled with cartoon-like illustrations, this story will crack you up. A totally hilarious premise and fantastic writing. Boxed Set HERE.

best books for 11 year olds
The Worst Class Trip Ever
 by Dave Barry
Hilarious. While on a class trip to Washington D.C., Wyatt and his best friend, Matt, are positive they’ve discovered a plot to blow up the White House. Wyatt’s crush, Suzanna, helps the friends make a plan, and as you can imagine, disaster and humor strike as the kids try to stop the bombing.

Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
A Whole Nother Story by Cuthbert Soup
Mr. Cheeseman, his three relatively odor-free children, a psychic hairless dog, and a sock puppet named Steve are on the run. Why? Because Mr. Cheeseman invented a time machine, of course. Now they’re being chased by international super spies, top-secret government agents, and a genius monkey. Dr. Cuthbert Soup, the head of the Center of Unsolicited Advice, narrates this wild wacky adventure that 6th graders with a love for quirky humor will enjoy.

26 Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Surviving the Applewhites
by Stephanie S. Tolan
The artistic Applewhite family offers to homeschool Jake after he’s expelled from yet another school. Jake moves in with this unusual family to attend their Creative Academy but clashes with E.D., one of the not-so-artistic children. Quirky and funny.


good books for 11 year olds
by Jason Reynolds
REALISTIC (series)
A boy whose nickname is Ghost accidentally gets on a track team and it’s life-changing. His coach becomes a mentor and father figure who pushes Ghost to take responsibility for his mistakes (stealing sneakers) and to start dealing with the ghosts of his past. Well-written and hopeful about growing up and growing into yourself.

good books for 10 year old 5th graders
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
by Karina Yan Glaser
Like The Penderwicks, your 6th graders will fall in love with this quirky, wonderful family from the first page. The Vanderbeekers’ landlord wants them out by the end of December but the Vanderbeeker kids are determined to change his mind, even though he hates noise, kids, and their family. But it’s almost Christmas and their efforts are only making things worse. What will they do? Charming and heart-warming.

New Kid by Jerry Craft
Jordan’s parents make him go to a private school across town where he’s one of the only kids of color. Besides having the tricky business of navigating friendships, he now must deal with the two separate worlds of his neighborhood and his school, along with racism and balancing academics with artwork. This story feels truthful, relatable, and important.

100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12) ZOE WASHINGTON

From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
On her 12th birthday, Zoe discovers a letter from her incarcerated biological father named Marcus. She secretly writes back and asks if he’s guilty. Marcus says he’s innocent and he can prove it, which sets Zoe on a quest for truth for herself, even if her mom and dad forbid it. She enlists the help of her Grandma and her best friend, Trevor. You won’t be able to put down this winsome story with a heroine 6th grade readers will love in a story that illuminates social justice with themes of family, friendship, and love.

best books for 11 year olds
Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus
by Dusti Bowling
Aven Green makes up creative stories for why she doesn’t have any arms. New to Arizona where her parents are the new managers a rundown theme park, she befriends a boy at school who, like her, feels different and isolated from the other kids. His name is Connor, and he has  Tourette Syndrome. Together, he, another new friend named Zion, and Aven investigate a mysterious storage shed at the theme park, leading them to a mystery involving Aven’s past.

All Four Stars
All Four Stars
 by Tara Dairman
REALISTIC (series)
We loved this engaging book series about food enthusiast Gladys suffering in a house of microwaving parents without a taste bud between them. Gladys not only appreciates good food, but she also loves to cook and wants to be a food critic. She already has lots of practice writing her daily notes about her parents’ horrid creations. When a mix-up in a writing contest has the editors of a paper thinking she’s an adult, she writes a published review without letting anyone know she’s 10 years old.

100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12) THE CROSSOVER

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Because this is written in verse, this is a fast read but packs a big punch. Basketball player and twin Josh narrates his life in quarters, just like the game he plays. He writes about missing his twin when his twin, Jordan, gets a girlfriend; about getting in trouble when he hits Jordan in the face with a basketball; and about watching his father as his heart fails. This is a coming-of-age, gripping story about a boy just trying to figure out life.

Adventure / Mystery

book series for 6th graders

City Spies by James Ponti
When Sara, a foster kid and hacker, gets in trouble again, her new so-called lawyer recruits her to be an MI6 spy. Sara joins a team of other kids, trains quickly, and is immediately sent undercover to break open a big case in Paris. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I predict you’ll love every second of this action-packed story! It’s filled with great characters and an interesting twisty plot. You won’t be able to put this series down.

Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
by John Grisham
Even though he’s only 13-years-old, Theo knows all about being a lawyer. In fact, to prepare for his career, he gives legal advice to anyone who needs it. But when he learns about a reluctant murder witness, the only witness, who is an illegal immigrant and scared to come forward, Theo must figure out what the right thing to do is. Box set here.

book series for 6th graders

The Van Gogh Deception by Deron Hicks
One of the best edge-of-your-seat mystery and adventure book series for 6th graders. A boy with no memory is found at the National Gallery staring at a Degas sculpture. Strangely, this boy does know a great deal about art and artists. Soon we learn he’s being hunted by a team of professional bad guys. The boy, Art, and his foster sister escape from several kidnapping attempts and begin to unravel who he is and what’s going on.

good books for 11 year olds 6th grade
by Ben Guterson, illustrated by Chloe Bristol
Elizabeth, an orphan, is unexpectedly sent to a large, stately hotel with a kind, grandfatherly proprietor for Christmas vacation. There, she discovers a magical book, a sinister couple, a family mystery, and a new friend who loves puzzles as much as she does. The writing is mesmerizing, the mystery fascinating, and the characters, enchanting. This is a delightful, atmospheric mystery series.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation
by Stuart Gibb
The CIA asks a super genius 12-year-old girl named Charlie to help find the missing and dangerous “Pandora” theory of Einstein’s. You will fall in love with Charlie—she’s a creative thinker and a survivor who, despite all her knowledge, still can act like a child yet also outwit bad guys in amazing ways. Terrorists, Moussed, cross-world travel, and mathematical clues combine with excellent writing to make the perfect action-adventure spy story starring a female protagonist you’ll love!

Ali Cross by James Patterson
If you want an enthralling adventure & mystery that you can’t put down, read this one next. It’s Christmas Eve and Ali’s friend Gabe is missing, his FBI agent dad is falsely accused of murdering an old man, and someone broke into their house while they were at church and stole his dad’s service weapon. Ali knows he has to try to fix things, starting by finding his friend Gabe. Don’t miss these 6th grade books, including the next one, Like Father, Like Son.

The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves by Tom Phillips
Orphaned and sent to the Jersey Home for Boys, John decides to run away and live in the New York Museum of Natural History. But when the Egyptian ruby gets stolen from the museum, John is accused of the theft. Lucky for John, Inspector Toadius McGee, believes in John’s innocence and enlists John’s help in finding the true culprit–and it’s a wild ride of twists and turns.

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery (series) by Nancy Springer
This Sherlock book series for 6th graders follows the detective adventures of Sherlock’s sister, Enola who I don’t think is the real name of his sister. But I love how Enola is an independent, smart detective in her own right. Delightful!

Mystery Chapter Books for Kids
The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency The Case of the Missing Moonstone by Jordan Stratford, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
The author imagines a friendship between Ada Byron, the genius daughter of Lord Byron and the world’s first computer programmer, and Mary Shelley, the world’s first science-fiction author who almost could have been friends in real life but for about a decade of years. Mary joins Ada to study with Ada’s tutor and the duo form a detective agency. In this first adventure, Mary and Ada learn about another historical figure who invented hypnotism and solve the case of a stolen heirloom.

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee StewartMYSTERY
9-year-old Nicholas Benedict, a genius orphan with narcolepsy, lives in a poorly run orphanage where he’s maltreated and bullied. In this prequel to the series, Nicholas discovers there’s a treasure somewhere in the orphanage. He and his friend search for clues as well as find ways to improve life for all the orphans there. Boxed set here.

Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
by Gary Paulsen
On his way to visit his dad, 13-year-old Brian’s plane crashes in the Canadian wild. All alone with only a hatchet, he’s forced to grow up quickly in order to survive each harrowing day. Readers will quickly imagine themselves in Brian’s perilous situation. An award-winning survival book with a compelling narrative.

Lost in the Pacific, 1942- Not a Drop to Drink
Lost in the Pacific, 1942: Not a Drop to Drink
 by Tod Olson
Lost is a riveting retelling of a military plane crash then weeks of thirst and starvation in the perilous south seas on precarious lifeboats. The fast-paced writing moves the story along with purpose and the photographic evidence is fascinating. 6th grade readers will be hard-pressed to put this intense true story down.

To Catch a Cheat by Varian Johnson
Someone is trying to frame Jackson for a prank he didn’t even commit — and they’re doing a great job of it! It will take months to prove the video is falsified, and by then Jackson will have missed the robot contest due to his punishment. Jackson and his friends are determined to prove his innocence but it won’t be easy. A fun plot with twists and turns and the 2nd book after The Great Greene Heist.

Book Series for 6th Graders (11 Year Olds)
Stranded by Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts
A storm sinks the stepsiblings ship, and they barely make it to a deserted island. They’ll have to work together to survive. And hope their parents can find them. The 6th grade books are great fast-paced reading for anyone who loves action and adventure.

Tornado Brain
by Cat Patrick
When 7th grade Frankie’s former best friend, Colette, vanishes, Frankie begins to look for clues on her own. Loud noises, changes, touch, and so many things affect her intensely. Frankie realizes that Colette was trying to finish a list of dares and Frankie and her twin sister piece together Colette’s last known locations. As they do, it helps Frankie accept herself and forgive Colette and her sister. It’s a brilliant, touching first-person story that gives us insights into a neurodivergent character’s brain in a suspenseful mystery story.

Historical Fiction

ChainsForge, Ashes (Seeds of America) by Laurie Halse Anderson
Live the Revolutionary War time period through the eyes of an African-American girl named Isabel and her friend, Cuzon. Enslaved, escaped, or enlisted, these two are determined survivors. The writing is amazing and the stories, captivating. I love and highly recommend these books; they’ll transport you back into history. Boxed Set Here.

best books for 11 year olds to readMad Wolf’s Daughter by Diane Magras
Set in medieval Scotland, this is an action-packed adventure of a strong female protagonist with close family bonds, medieval and mythical elements, and an exciting plot. When Drest’s war-band family is kidnapped by knights she sets off in pursuit, taking a wounded soldier hostage with her. Throughout their travels, the two develop a complicated friendship and Drest learns uncomfortable truths about her family. I love when a girl rescues boys from death! What an excellent story — I highly recommend it.

Best Books for 11-Year Olds
The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
A Newbery Honor winner!!! Ada and her brother escape their mother’s abuse when the London children are evacuated during WWII and go to live with a grieving woman in a small country town. It’s difficult for both the woman and children to trust each other, but slowly the trust grows. As it does, all three regain something lost — hope and love. I can’t recommend these 6th grade books enough; they will touch your heart at such a deep level.

good book series for 11 year oldsThe Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Avi
Action-packed from the first page, this is one historical fiction novel you don’t want to miss. Oliver wakes to find his house flooded and his father missing. After being thrown in the poorhouse for orphans, he manages to escape with stolen money only to be accosted by a highwayman. It’s one misfortune after another, but Oliver is determined to find his father and sister in London. Somehow.

6th grade book series

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    1. The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict is written by Trenton Lee Stewart, not Diana Sudyka. It is a great book, and the author is amazing.