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Ready to find a good series for kids ages 6 to 12?

Best Book Series for Grades 1 – 8


Best Early Elementary Book Series (ages 6 - 8)

As a teacher and parent, I just love recommending book series. Why? Because once a child finds a book they like, there are lots more to read in the series. This takes away the “what to read next” conundrum that can inhibit daily reading.

Kids like series because there’s a familiarity of characters and sometimes plot structure. From an education standpoint, this is hugely beneficial to growing readers.

Read how predictable book series benefit beginning readers.

Ready to find some great books to read?

Book Series for Grades 1, 2, & 3

> Grade 1 (Age 6)

> Grade 2 (Age 7)

> Grade 3 (Age 8)

*All the lists include a free printable option for your convenience. 

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Upper Elementary
(ages 9 - 11)

Once you can get kids hooked on a good book series, it can keep them reading for months.

Adults call this binge reading

Binge reading a great goal for our kids, too.

Hopefully, children will also be reading for longer hours each day because the books are just too good to put down.

Find your next favorite on one of these lists.

Book Series for Grades 4, 5, and 6

> Grade 4 (Age 9)

> Grade 5 (Age 10)

> Grade 6 (Age 11)

*Yes, you’ll see familiar choices like the Warriors and Harry Potter but these lists feature way more books than those in all genres and about all kind of people including BiPOC main characters. 

Middle School
(ages 12 - 13)

Don’t you hate when you start book one in the series and the rest of the books decline in quality?

Don’t worry! 

The books on these lists continue to be good all throughout and will keep your readers enthralled.

You’ll notice that these middle school lists are shorter than some of the elementary lists. 

I’ve found that books for this age are often single books. Have you noticed that as well?

Here are the middle school book lists. 

> Grade 7 (Age 12)

> Grade 8 (Age 13) –COMING SOON

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best book series for kids 6-12

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