The Best Joke Books for Kids

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If you’re looking for the best jokes for kids, a joke a day, you can find a collection of kid-friendly funny jokes (puns, knock-knock jokes, riddles, holiday jokes, animal jokes, and more) in great joke book collections like these!

For April Fool’s Day or any day, joke books for kids grab kids’ attention, get them reading out loud, and keep them reading! (I speak from experience.)

In fact, I just gave my friend’s kids the National Geographic Just Joking Book listed below and she says her 2nd-grade daughter reads it every night before bed. And loves to tell other people the jokes she learns…

As kids develop their sense of humor, telling funny jokes for kids, family, and friends helps them figure out puns like dad jokes, comedic timing, and practice oral reading fluency.

Not to mention, reading practice means improved comprehension and vocabulary development!

Read a joke a day with your kids.

Read ten jokes a day with your co-workers. (Dad jokes are very annoying and hilarious.)

Whatever you do, get ready to giggle…

Joke Books for Kids

joke books for kids
Big Book of Jokes
by Michael Dahl
I love the large type size and grin-worth (groan-worthy?) jokes! My kids call these “dad jokes” because there are a lot of puns and plays on words. Want an example? “What kind of fruit is never lonely? Pears.” or “What is a swimmer’s favorite game? Pool.

More Lunch Lines
by Dan Signer
My kids and I LOVE these fun little notes for lunchboxes, filled with hilarious and silly jokes. There is space on each tear-out page for you to personalize the note AND you can pick jokes in a ton of different themes; themes like food, animals, Hollywood, and more!

More Lunch Lines by Dan Signer
My kids and I LOVE these fun little notes for lunchboxes, filled with hilarious and silly jokes. There is space on each tear-out page for you to personalize the note AND you can pick jokes in a ton of different themes; themes like food, animals, Hollywood, and more! See what you think about these jokes:
Q: Why did the golfer throw away her socks?
A: She got a hole in one!
Q: What did the nostril say when the teacher asked a question?
A: Pick me, pick me!
Would you add these fun jokes to your kids’ mid-day meal either at home if you’re a homeschooler or at school if they bring a lunch?


The Best Joke Book for Kids by Rather McSilly
I like an illustrated book because it makes reading the jokes more fun. Kids will learn plays on words and puns which are appropriate for beginning readers.
Q: What’s a monster’s favorite game?
A: Swallow the leader.

The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book by Michael Robin, Sarah Parvis, and Noah Smith
Here’s a superhero joke book to keep kids laughing and reading. If your kids are like mine, they’ll read them all aloud TO YOU. I apologize in advance. 🙂 But reading is good — and so is groaning, chortling, and giggling! Here’s a Flash joke to give you the gist: “Why does The Flash love watching science documentaries? He finds them fast-inating.”

The World’s Best Jokes for Kids Volume 1
 by Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar
Each of these jokes is illustrated with I really love because it gives struggling or new readers extra picture support for decoding and comprehension. This series (volume 2 is here) shares jokes that will make your kids laugh, groan, and share with all their friends. Jokes like:

Why are pirates called pirates?
Because they arrrrrrr.

Why was the dog feeling sorry for himself?
Because his life was so ruff.

Just Joking Jumbo by National Geographic Kids
Holy Smokes! Your kids will love this book. It’s packed full of awesome jokes and photographs; it’s hefty and impossible not to love. Fun facts added throughout make it extra interesting.
Q: What did the biologist give her friend with bad breath?
A: Experi-mints.
Funny, right? There are 999 more goofy, silly, laugh-out-loud jokes, tongue twisters, puzzles, and riddles plus fun facts about different creatures like Whiplash the Iguana and amazing photographs. It might take us a year to get through all these jokes but we’re up for the challenge. How about you? Would your family love this book?
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Peas who?
Peas be quiet.

Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids
From Zondervan publishing, find 250 family-friendly jokes for kids including tongue twisters, riddles, and more about names places, holidays, foods, animals, and objects.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Lena who?
Lena little closer and I’ll tell you.


The Super, Epic, Mega, Joke Book for Kids

Tell a joke a day! Pick from knock-knock jokes, tongue twisters, animal jokes, holiday jokes, and question-and-answer jokes!


Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott
Q: What do you get when you cross a tiger and a snowman?
A: Frostbite!
One liners, knock knock jokes, tongue twisters, this book is full of silly jokes you can read every day!

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