Book Club Book Lists for Kids

Book Club Books for Elementary
Grades 2 - 5

Does the book you read matter?


Reading a well-written, engaging book about topics and themes that merit discussion makes book club meetings richer.

It’s also important that the book is comprehensible to everyone in the group. Or, that you have adaptations if it’s not. (Read aloud, audiobook, etc.)

Use the book lists below to get you started. Let children pick the books they want to read…even if it’s from a pre-selected choice of books. Choice is essential to motivation.

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Books to read for your book club

Book Club Books for Middle School
Grades 6 - 8

Middle school book clubs for ages 11, 12, and 13 provide another way for kids to get hooked on good books.

Plus, the discussions will get richer since kids are older and thinking about bigger topics.

And finally, these lists will get you started finding a good book for your middle school book club but are, of course, not all of the books in the world– just a good start.

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Best books for a kids' book club