14 Free Back-to-School Fonts

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Sometimes I like to browse new and free fonts (aka. typefaces). And download. And get excited to make lots of cool images posters. Teachers, I think you might relate? Which is why I thought I’d organize a few really fun classroom type fonts for you as you prepare to go back to school.

14 Free Back-to-School Fonts

14 Free Back-to-School Fonts 2016


Alpha Casual




Extra Sprinkles

Garden Gnome

Gel Pen Serif

Happily Ever After

Life Is Messy

Miss Kindy Bubble

Scribble Scrawl

Tattle and Tales

The Cats Whiskers

I can’t pick a favorite back to school font, these are all so fun!! Although if you pushed, I think I’m partial to Scribble Scrawl at the moment.

If you’re using a decorative font like the majority of these choices, it usually looks best to pair it with a serif or sans serif, not another decorative font.

In other words, decorative + serif or decorative + san serif.

Decorative = handwriting, script, stylized in some way

Serif = letters have a small decorative lines at the ends and beginnings of the lines

San Serif = letters do not have the small decorative lines at the ends of characters

Also, using two colors can really make your graphics pop and try making some words CAPITALIZED.

Here are a few examples:

A.A. Milne quote free back to school fonts
Ariel Black (san serif) + Life is Messy (decorative)

Dumbledore quote free back to school fonts
Scribble Scrawl (handwriting) + Aleo (serif italicized)

Have fun with your fonts and graphic designing. And best wishes as you prepare to go back to school!!

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