Newest Nonfiction Books for Ages 8 – 12

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Add some nonfiction to your bookshelves with these exceptional new titles for ages 8 – 12…


What Breathes Through Its Butt? Mind-Blowing Science Questions Answered
by Dr. Emily Grossman
If you’re looking for an informative nonfiction book with voice (HUMOR) and pizazz, this book hits all the right spots. You can’t help but love the appeal of the book which is a mixture of goofy cartoons, information in a handwritten typeface with bolded and bigger words, and funny quizzes. (What can you do to make a pineapple taste riper? a. stand it upside down b. place it in the fridge c. cut it open d. sit on it) The quizzes introduce the topic, engaging a reader’s natural curiosity. You’ll learn about eggs, muscles, escaping a crocodile’s jaw, and other much weirder topics.

Copycat Science
by Mike Barfield
Part biographies and part experiments, this nonfiction book narrated in cartoon format makes science fun! Learn about each scientist in their short biography, then apply and learn more about their area of study by doing the related experiment. Read about James Audubon then make a bird feeder. Then read about Rosalind Franklin and do an experiment about strawberry’s DNA. Topics include living things, human biology, materials, air, electricity and magnetism, forces and physics, astronomy, math, and more.

Accidental Archeologists: True Stories of Unexpected DIscoveries
by Sarah Albee, illustrated by Nathan Hackett
Albee consistently writes exceptional, appealing nonfiction books and this latest one is no exception. The writing hooks you from the first page and the stories of accidental archeological discoveries are compelling. She includes black and white photographs, informational insets, and present-day updates. I thoroughly loved learning about the discovery of The Rosetta Stone, a fought-over golden Buddha statue, a 5300 year old mummy, and the other discoveries; you will, too.

Black Heroes of the Wild West
by James Otis Smith
This exceptional graphic novel contains three compelling biographies of little-known historical black individuals who lived during the Old West. Smith is an exceptional storyteller and you’ll be pulled into the stories immediately. Read about Stagecoach Mary, a former slave who had the most interesting life that included many jobs, and Bob Lemmons whose horse training skills helped him capture a wild mustang stallion.

100 Things to Do in a Forest
by Jennifer Davis
I love this book! It’s a wealth of creative, hands-on ideas to do outdoors in the forest. (Which we have here in Colorado.) Ideas like shadow tracing, grass whistles, land art, canopy gazing, leaf pinning, these 100 ideas will get you beyond hiking and rock collecting.  Isn’t this a cool must-own book for outdoor fun?

A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals
by Christopher Corr and Claire Grace
Celebrate all year long! This large book moves through the seasons and the world covering important festivals and holidays with colorful illustrations. Starting with the International Kite Festival in India and ending with New Years Eve countdowns worldwide, you’ll find plenty of fascinating facts about world traditions.

Barefoot Books Amazing Places
by Miralda Colombo, Beatrice Cerocchi
Discover 15 impressive places in the world. Each place gets four pages. The first two-page spread introduces the landmark. The next 2-page spread gives you facts and information about the landmark. If your kids want to learn more about the world, they’ll love this resource.

The Joy of Dog Training
by Kyra Sundance
Excellent step-by-step directions with photographs make this instructional book easy to follow. There are many tricks as well as the training basics to give you a variety of both fun and necessary training choices.

Exploring the Elements A Complete Guide to the Periodic Table
by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Sara Gillingham
Science classrooms, homeschoolers, and school libraries will benefit from this book that gives in-depth information about each element of the periodic table. There are two pages of information and illustrations for each element with details about where it’s found, key properties, and forms and uses. Neon colors!

Blood and Germs The Civil War Battle Against Wounds and Disease
by Gail Jarrow
Well-researched, detailed, informative, and interesting, discover the history of (terrible) medicine during the Civil War. The format with sidebars, news stories, photographs, and original documents make it appealing to read.

Desert Diary Japanese American Kids Behind Barbed Wire
by Michael O. Tunnel
Essential all libraries, this book takes a deep dive into the Japanese Internment Camps of WWII from the beginning of internments to the aftermath of leaving the camps and starting over. It’s filled with facts, photographs, and artifacts (letters and newspaper articles.)

Plasticus Maritimus An Invasive Species
by Ana Pego Bernardo P. Carvalho Isabel Minhos Martins
First, this book sets the stage with information on the importance of oceans and then continues with the types of plastics in the ocean as well as what we can and need to do about it. Exceptional writing, beautiful illustrations, and helpful information.
nonfiction books for kids ages 8 - 12
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