Outstanding New Picture Books

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As Todd Parr says, It’s Okay to Make Mistakes. Like when Very Little Red thinks the Wolf is a Foxie or the birds don’t quite get the message right (or even close) in Mac Barnett’s book, Telephone.

Discover more outstanding picture book stories and silly mistakes in these new titles.

Outstanding Picture Books

The Zoo Box
The Zoo Box
by Ariel Cohn, illustrated by Aron Nels Steinke
How can the siblings resist not opening the box with the “Do Not Open” sign? Out comes an ostrich. And soon an entire zoo of animals. The kids wear their own animal costumes and follow the menagerie out of the house and back to a zoo. A zoo where humans are kept in cages. What happens when the animals discover two humans roaming around? A chase and capture back into the box. Phew.

outstanding picture books
Very Little Red Riding Hood
by Heapy & Heap
Very Little Red Riding Hood is the cutest, most precocious picture book about the cutest, most precocious little girl. “A foxie,” she squeals with delight when she sees the wolf, giving him a big hug. No she’s not scared and no, he can not have any cakes. Being very brave and silly, she makes foxie chase her all the way to Grandmama’s house. (Wolf is exhausted.) At Grandmama’s house “foxie” plays hide-and-seek, dancing, drawing, and has tea. They are all getting tired and Very Little Red Riding Hood wants her mama. A lot. In fact she starts crying. How will Wolf cheer her up? By getting Very Little Red to giggle. ‘What big wet eyes, big red mouth, and big, snotty nose you have,’ he tells her and tickles her all over. And they sleep happily ever after. Wonderful! We enthusiastically recommend this delightful fairy tale.

outstanding picture books
It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
by Todd Parr
I believe in the message of this picture book – that it’s okay to make mistakes. In fact not only will this book help remind kids that making mistakes is totally normal and okay, maybe it will help remind us to show our kids that we make mistakes, too. Another excellent book by the talented Mr. Parr.

Julia's House for Lost Creatures
Julia’s House for Lost Creatures
by Ben Hatke
Look closely at these amazing illustrations by the uber-talented Ben Hatke especially as Julia’s house settles by the sea. She invites lost and homeless creatures to live with her at the house and soon they arrive – a kitty, a troll, a dragon, a folletti, and more. Soon the house is a mess and Julia is exhausted. It’s time for everyone to help out. And now, all they need is . . . a fun ending!

by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Christian Robinson
An enchanting story about Mrs. Poodle’s puppies, Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, Ooh-La-La, and Gaston. Even though Gaston doesn’t look or even act like her little puppies, it doesn’t matter until they meet Mrs. Bulldog’s puppies in the park and realize Gaston is a bulldog and Mrs. Bulldog’s Antoinette is a poodle. But trading back doesn’t work, Gaston misses his poodle family and Antoinette misses her bulldog family. And it turns out that love and family means much more than DNA. A lovely picture book!

Happy Birthday Madame
Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau
by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts
When a crow steals the lovely but lonely hat-maker Madame Chapeau’s beautiful hat, she meets many new people who offer her their own hats. By the time a small girl offers her a cozy knit hat, not only does Madame Chapeau have a new hat but she has a whole lot of new friends. A very charming picture book.

by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jen Corace
Remember the telephone game? Birds on a wire need to get a message to Peter from his mom. But each time they share the message, it changes. My kids loved this picture book.

Paddington Treasury
Paddington Treasury
 by Michael Bond, illustrated by R. W. Alley
Do you remember this story from your own childhood? Mr. and Mrs. Brown find Paddington the bear alone at Paddington Station in London. They bring him home, clean him up, and he becomes part of the family. There are more Paddington adventures in the newly released Paddington Treasury – like his visit to the palace.

Memory of an Elephant
The Memory of an Elephant An Unforgettable Journey
by Sophie Strady, illustrated by Jean-Francois Martin
Your kids will love reading along with the wonderfully illustrated story of Marcel the elephant. Each page allows you to discover unique and interesting informational treasures, too. Part story, part encyclopedia, this outstanding picture book will hook you from the first page.

A Good Home for Max
A Good Home for Max
by Junzo Terada
Tabi the mouse cares for the toys in the store, especially his best friend, Max the stuffed dog. Days and weeks pass without Max finding a good home until one day Tabi can’t find Max anywhere. Has Max found a home finally? A very sweet story.

Nana in the City
Nana in the City
by Lauren Castillo
The boy doesn’t like the city where Nana lives, it’s loud and scary. Until Nana gives him a fancy red cape that makes him feel very brave. And he and Nana walk through the city, discovering all that is wonderful about it. I loved the cape! I loved how it helped the boy be brave. Wonderful!

Pretend and Play Firefighter
Pretend & Play Firefighter

This sturdy handled board book with fire-related puzzle shapes to insert in each page. Your little firefighters will love this fun, interactive book.

Otis and the Scarecrow
Otis and the Scarecrow
by Loren Long
A story about the familiar characters on the farm where Otis the tractor lives and a lesson in kindness. They mistakenly think the new scarecrow doesn’t want to be friends since he always has a frown. A lovely way to introduce KINDNESS to kids.

Two Speckled Eggs
Two Speckled Eggs
by Jennifer K. Mann
Ginger learns an important lesson at her birthday party — that being different, being yourself is the way to make true friends who accept you for yourself. I really love this story.

You are (not) small
You Are (Not) Small
by Anna Kang, illustrated by Christopher Weyant
Cute little fuzzy creatures argue about who is small and big in this simple book with a surprise very big creature at the end. Funny!

Mix It Up
Mix It Up!
by Herve Tullet
Remember the book, Press Here? The same author/illustrator has expanded the idea into color mixing fun. Rub a little red on the blue and you get purple. Shake, press, mix . . . It’s interactive reading times a zillion and lots of fun!

by Lizi Boyd
A beautiful wordless picture book showing a young boy exploring the woods in the dark. His flashlight illuminates plants and animals. Until the animals get the flashlight and illuminate him. Enchanting. SEE: Reading and Writing Activities for Wordless Picture Books and Nocturnal Animal Picture Books

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