18 Best Science Kits for Kids

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Let’s talk about the best science kits for kids, kits that make good gifts for kids but also teach science with safe and fun experiments.

How do I know these are the best science kits for kids? These playful learning experiment kits are highly rated award-winners from award committees such as Parents-Choice, Creative Child Magazine, Mensa, and Oppenheim Toy Award.

Discover a science kit to get your kids enthusiastic about learning science. The science experiment kits teach science lessons and concepts, problem solving, the scientific method, real world science, and give kids hands on STEM activites.

Oh, and if you want to make magic spells, learn how to make Harry Potter potions here.

Best Science Kits for Kids

Best Science Kits for Kids

First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook
ages 3+
As you follow the 32-page illustrated storybook manual, you can build models of the ten robots featured in the story. The kit includes large, colorful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together.

Kids First Coding & Robotics
ages 4+
Introduce children to coding and robotics with step-by-step coding lessons and model building. A Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner!

best science kits for kids
Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set
ages 6+
This set is perfect for the youngest of learners. It includes activity cards for kids to start experimenting with the eyedropper, flask, tweezers, test tubes, funnel, and magnifying glass.

Science Kits for Kids

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
ages 6+
A 20-piece science kit for young scientists to experiment safely and learn about chemical reactions.

Paper Making Kit
ages 5+
Recycle used paper for paper mache science crafts like a mobile, fossil, and volcano. A RedDot Design winner.

Alien Slime Lab
ages 6+
Get messy as you mix up batches of unidentified “alien” slime and conduct tests on them to analyze and investigate their special properties. Real science and playful science fiction come together in this wacky, activity-filled kit! For example, conduct viscosity tests on the slime, dissect it with tweezers and a plastic scalpel, cut out a brain shape, Stamp it with an alien head, and add eyes to your Alien slime! (Non-toxic.)

Grown N’ Glow Terrarium
ages 7+
Craft, plant, water, and grow your own terrarium!

Science Kits for Kids
Magic Science for Wizards Kit
ages 6+
Make your own chemistry magic with this exciting science kit for kids.

National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab
ages 8+
Do your kids love slime? This is a great starter kit for kids to make eight types of slime and putty including magnetic putty, fluffy slime, and glow0in0the-dark putty. Includes storage tins and accessories and a 16-page guide. Non-toxic.

best science kits for kids
Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit
ages 8+
Learn about electricity and magnetism in this 40+ part kit that will guide you through projects using switches, electrodes, an electromagnet, a motor, and much more.

Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit
ages 7+
Make 12 wicking flowers, then customize your bouquet with this STEM craft kit.

Thames & Kosmos Glow in the Dark T Rex Excavation Kit
ages 7+
Excavate your own glow-in-the-dark Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton model. This dangerous prehistoric giant comes to life when you excavate its bones with a hammer and chisel and assemble them into a skeleton. The skeleton lets you reenact prehistoric adventures or surprise your friends with its glowing effect when the lights are off. The kit includes 13 skeleton pieces buried in a plaster block, excavation tools, and a descriptive manual.

Architectural Engineering Science & Model Kit
ages 8+
A Parent’s Choice Gold Winner, this experiment kit guides kids through builds that teach structural engineering with concepts like trusses, arches, and domes. The parts are plastic and integrate with other Thames & Kosmos kits.

Science Kits for Kids

National Geographic Geode Kit
ages 8+
Isn’t this the coolest? Break open these geodes, then read the learning guide to learn more about them.

Microscope Kit
ages 6+
Wow– this is a fantastic microscope with three magnification levels as well as a petri dish, stains, forceps, dropper, slides, guides, and more.

Make your own soap
Klutz Make Your Own Soap
ages 6+
Learn soap-making basics (chemistry) in this Klutz science kit for kids. You’ll be melting to molding, plus adding fragrance and glitter in designs like a cat, a fish, a cupcake, a star, and more.

National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit
ages 5+
Spend hours using paleontology tools like a chisel and a brush to dig up REAL dinosaur fossils!

National Geographic Rock Tumbler
ages 8+
Get your kids into geology! Start polishing your own gems with the included half lbs of gemstones, rock information, and jewelry fastenings.

Solar System Planetarium
ages 8+
Learn about the solar system by making your own planet model.

Electric Motors Catalyst
ages 8+
I can’t wait to try this with my kids — it looks so cool! Build and rebuild a robotic creation using an electric motor and over 50 parts!

National Geographic Rock Tumbler
ages 8+
Get your kids into geology! Start polishing your own gems with the included half-lbs of gemstones, rock information, and jewelry fastenings. ALSO ON: STEM GIFT GUIDE

Crystal Growing Kit
Crystal Growing Experimental Kit by 4M
ages 10+
Crystal experiments are always amazing to watch grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good subscription monthly science kits for kids?

KiwiCo offers STEM subscription boxes.
Mel Science delivers monthly science kits for kids.
Steve Spangler Club delivers science kits for kids.
My Edu Crate sends cool science projects!
Groovy Lab in a Box sends monthly science kits for kids.

What kids science kits are good for preschoolers?

The Kids First kits are perfect for preschool age children.

Can you use these kits at home?

Yes. All of these science kits for kids are designed to be for home learning.

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