6 New Giggle Worthy Picture Books

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Giggle along at these silly stories — here are six new picture books that will entertain and delight the young readers on your lap.


6 New Giggle Worthy Picture Books (Summer 2017)

Be Quiet! by Ryan T. Higgins
Rupert tells his two exuberant and talkative friends that the book is supposed to be wordless but the friends just can not stop “helping” with ideas for the book, infuriating Rupert and cracking up the reader. Cartoon conversation bubbles, hilarious dialogue, and a funny storyline will keep you entertained from the first page, which is actually the cover, to the very end. I predict this will be a new classroom and home read aloud favorite.


Bob and Joss Get Lost!
by Peter McCleery, illustrated by Vin Vogel
Two friends decide to go sailing on a boat. Joss has a chill attitude while Bob is a worrier. Sure enough like Bob predicted, the pair get lost, encounter a storm, and are shipwrecked, all with amusing interactions between the friends. It’s especially funny when they get to the maybe not so deserted island! You’ll love this giggle worthy story and the illustrations, too.


7 Ate 9: The Untold Story
by Tara Lazar, illustrated by Ross MacDonald
6 bangs on Private I’s door for help to escape 7 who he hears ate 9. But what really happened to 9? Pitch perfect tongue-and-cheek number and word humor will have you cracking up throughout this suspenseful and funny must-own story.


Give Me Back My Book!
by Travis Foster and Ethan Long (pub. Sept. 2017)
Whose book is it? Two friends argue over a green book with letters and chapters and illustrations until a bookworm grabs it from them both. The friends must work together to get back their book with a little book trickery of their own. Book lovers will appreciate the devotion to a favorite book and the joy of sharing a book together.


Fruits in Suits
by Jared Chapman
Strawberry is going to the pool in a suit but her veggie friends get sidetracked by all the possible suits in the world — modern, old-fashioned, simple, silly — but you need a bathing suit for the pool. Right? Kids are sure to giggle at all the silliness.


A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum . . .
by Davide Cali, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
Pay close attention because Henry’s day at the museum is a wild experience. As he navigates the perils, he tries to “fix” things which will become a crazy, artistic surprise seen on the last page. If you like silly, this is the perfect book!


new funny picture books (summer 2017) that will crack you up

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