New Picture Books about Families (& New Baby)

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Build empathy and understanding of family, your own and other people’s, with picture books like these new releases — including two about a new baby.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)

New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
We Are Family
by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Ryan Wheatcroft FAMILY
Lots of diversity is depicted in the multiple illustrations on each page that show different families and their daily routines, having fun, facing difficulties, and loving each other. What a wonderful celebration of families! I wish I had a screenshot of the pages to show you as they’re quite lovely.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Home and Dry
by Sarah L. Smith
This story invites reading aloud with its rain noises — pitter-patter, drip, creak, whoosh. The Paddling family loves living in the rain. So much that when it gets sunny, they search for a wet spot to go paddling. What will happen when it starts to pour rain and their uncle gets lost nearby? You’ll love this cozy story about a special, rain-loving family.

My Brother the Duck
by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated Daniel Wiseman NEW SIBLING
If you like cute, silly books, you’ll be charmed by this little girl who uses the scientific method to conclude that her new baby brother is actually a duck!


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
What Can Your Grandma Do?
by Anne Sawan & Sernur Isik GRANDPARENTS
The talent show for grandparents is coming up but Jeremy doesn’t think his grandma has a special talent. Until he learns otherwise in a fun surprise! Colorful and cheerful.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Poor Louie
by Tony Fucile NEW BABY
Louie loves his dog life with his parents until something changes. Now Louie is worried the new baby will take away his parents attention. Gorgeous illustrations and a perfect, sweet ending.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Ready, Set . . . Baby!
by Elizabeth Rusch, illustrated by Qin Leng NEW BABY
Siblings Anna and Oliver humorously narrate exactly what to expect when your family is expecting and has a new baby. This book is absolutely perfect for families who are expecting a new sibling — it’s filled with love, laughter, and good-to-know information. A must-own!


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Raisin the Littlest Cow
by Miriam Busch, illustrated by Larry Day NEW BABY
This is a sweet story of sibling acceptance. Raisin is the cutest, littlest cow (kudos to the illustrator!) until her little brother arrives. Raisin adds her baby brother to her list of yuck things and starts a list of places to run away to. When a thunderstorm scares the baby, Raisin notices how cute he is and helps cheer him up.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Things to Do with Dad
by Sam Zuppardi DAD / FAMILY
Simple text and exuberant illustrations show the fun times a boy has with his dad on a perfectly ordinary day of doing chores around the house.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)
Milo and Georgie
by Bree Galbraith, illustrated by Josee Bisaillon SIBLINGS
The sibling’s life in a new place with a new babysitter is horrible — they’re not even allowed outside. That’s when Milo gets creative so his little sister can get fresh air without the babysitter knowing. He ties a yarn to her so she can always find her way home. A lovely story of the kindness of an older sibling.


New Picture Books about Families (Including a New Baby)


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