Literati, An Exceptional Book Subscription Box for Kids

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Literati book subscription boxes give children an excellent selection of curated, just-right, highly interesting books every single month.


I’ve seen a lot of book boxes in my time as a parent, teacher, and book blogger. Literati isn’t just exceptional, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen.


Truly just like their mission states, their selection of books sparks curiosity, intellect, and a spirit of discovery for each child who receives a box.


Why should you consider investing in a Literati book box?

1. Book Ownership Makes a Difference

Children who own books are more likely to read more and for longer periods of time, read more volume of books, express interest and be engaged in books, and achieve higher levels of education. (Clark & Poulton, 2011)


Another 10-year book access study by Susan Neuman and Donna Celano in 2012 found that children who had access to books read more and grew more academically. They say, “the more the more, the less the less.


This research and many more studies prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that book ownership correlates with “Positive behavioral, educational, and psychological outcomes.


2. Curated Books Get Kids Excited to Read

Christa’s kids (Pura Vida Moms) LOVED their Literati boxes.




Everything about the boxes made Christa’s girls excited starting with the beautiful gold lettering on the box and continuing to the personalized note, the stunning artwork for their bedroom walls, the bookplates with their names, and the fantastic selection of books.


Aren’t these posters gorgeous?!


Her kids immediately started reading their books, too.


And they couldn’t get enough!


Big sister got a magic trick book with common household items. In fact, she told her family that no one else could read it so she could perform the tricks without anyone knowing how she did it.


Little sister started reading two new favorite books, one on Sandcastles and one on origami.


3. Curated Books Save Parents Time and Provides Expertise

Literati is perfectly curated for each age group,” Christa enthused. “I never would have found these books on my own!

Not to mention, she said if she had to go find books on her own, it would have taken such a long time — and they wouldn’t have been this incredible of a selection.

4. The Boxes Provide Books in a Variety of Subjects and Genres

Literati’s boxes of books share five age-appropriate books — and they’re not all fiction!

The research shows that children need to be able to comprehend a variety of kinds of texts. In particular, expository and narrative.

In the Literati boxes, you’ll find many different genres of books including fiction and nonfiction.

Because how do kids learn to comprehend different kinds of text?

By reading them, of course!

All the Goodies You Get in a Literati Box

Literati is available for ages zero to eighteen. So, you can order boxes for the youngest readers to your teenage readers and all ages in between.

Pay $9.95 a month and you will receive a curated box around a special theme, perfect for your child’s age.

Each box includes

    • five curated, age-appropriate books
    • original art
    • personalized book-cessories
    • and more!


Some of the themes from past Literati boxes include “Into the Wild” and “Cool to Be Kind”.

When you receive the books, you get to decide which books to keep. You will be billed for the books that you keep (matching or less than Amazon pricing) and can easily return the other books for free using the pre-paid return shipping label. The total for all five books is always right around $60.

*If you don’t think you’ll keep all the books, although most people do, make sure your child doesn’t put the nameplate stickers on the books until you decide!

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Visit Literati.

Answer a few questions about your child to find the best book box for your child.

Place your order!

Not long after you order, you’ll get your child’s book subscription box. Here’s what to expect:

    1. The books arrive!
    2. Read and enjoy for a week.
    3. Buy what you love.
    4. Return the books you don’t want with a prepaid label



Photo Credit: Christa Jimenez, Pura Vida Moms

Literati Book Subscription Boxes for Kids


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