Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings

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From bickering to sharing to cuddling and compromise, these sibling stories are all warm-hearted and playful picture books about the many facets that happen in these relationships. Read with your kids. See what they recognize in themselves. See if any stories inspire something more…

Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings

The Proudest Blue A Story of Hijab and Family
by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S.K. Ali, illustrated by Hatem Aly
I love the loving, tender bond between the sisters and especially how this relatable, sweet story that shows the importance of the hijab in the Muslim faith and feeling pride in who you are. The little sister, Faizah, looks up to her big sister, Asiya, and especially when big sister wears a beautiful, blue hijab for the first time. Not everyone at schools sees Asiya’s hijab as beautiful and strong but she stays strong and unaffected.
siblings -- getting a new sibling
The New Small Person
by Lauren Child
Elmore loves his life as an only child. Lauren Child wonderfully captures the abrupt and shocking transition from being the funniest, cleverest, most adorable person in his parent’s universe to having a new small person enter this universe. A small person who touches everything and follows Elmore everywhere at first is annoying but then the new small person helps Elmore with the scaries and understands about Elmore’s precious things.
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Maple & Willow Together by Lori Nichols
The illustrations are adorably perfect for this sweet story about sisters who love to play with each other. Until they start fighting. But they don’t stay upset for long, they love each other too much. A wonderful sister story!
Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Sleep Well Siba and Saba Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl and Sandra van Doorn
Siblings Siba and Saba dream of the things they lose, until one day they dream of the things they’ll see. Playful s-sound alliteration delights the tongue as you read aloud the gentle story set in colorful, magical Africa. I’m in love with the appealing illustrations. This is a stunning picture book masterpiece.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
When Pigs Fly
by James Burke
One day, the exuberant brother pig declares that he will fly. His sister observes with disbelief and horror as one attempt after another fail. The brother pig is so disappointed, he decides to give up. Until his sister comes up with an idea — something he hasn’t tried before that will help her brother fly — a pretend airplane! The pigs’ expressive illustrations are absolutely perfect as is the message of failing and trying again with a twist.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Milo and Georgie
by Bree Galbraith, illustrated by Josee Bisaillon SIBLINGS
The sibling’s life in a new place with a new babysitter is horrible — they’re not even allowed outside. That’s when Milo gets creative so his little sister can get fresh air without the babysitter knowing. He ties a yarn to her so she can always find her way home. A lovely story of the kindness of an older sibling.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
by Suzanne Kaufman
Know any siblings who fight over toys? This story is about two such brothers. And every time they fight over a toy, it’s confiscated by their mom. Until they’re out of toys and start to get along.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
How to Be a Bigger Bunny
by Wendell and Florence Minor
Never give up is the motto of this story about a little bunny who reads stories that teach her this valuable lesson. She uses this lesson when her older siblings are trapped in a log. She perseveres and rescues them. We always love when the littlest one gets to be a hero!


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
A Few Blocks by Cybele Young
Older sister, Viola, knows how to get her little brother, Ferdie, to school. Even though he doesn’t want to go. Viola says, “Ferdie, look! I found your superfast cape! Quick– put on your rocket-blaster boots and we’ll take off.” And so she continues to imagine ships and islands, and kings and knights, all the way to . . . almost to school. Now it’s Ferdie’s turn to use some imagination to get Viola to school. You’ll love the beautiful urban images cut into the scenery, collaged on the white background – they’re gorgeous! Of course, you’ll mostly love the imagination that carries these two siblings to school.

Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Me First 
by Max Kornell
A typical sibling argument is who gets to go first. Hal and Marth compete and argue non-stop. It’s driving their parents crazy. But when the duo goes exploring on their own and encounter several harrowing firsts, they begin to treat each other differently.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Violet and Victor Write The Best-Ever Bookworm Book 
by Alice Kuipers, illustrated by Bethanie Deeney Murguia
When Violet Small wants to write the best-ever book with help from her twin brother Victor Small, he says he’d rather count his pet worms. However, the two eventually invent a suspenseful adventure about a book-eating bookworm. The illustrations are eye-catching– mixed media and pencil sketches. I love how the twins each have their own color ink and own color notebook paper for the story. This is a fantastic story about the creative process.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Philomena’s New Glasses
by Brenna Maloney
You’ll love these cute photographs of guinea pigs telling a funny story about three sisters who learn the importance of being themselves. Mostly. When one sister gets something, the others copy her. Until the sisters finally realize that they all need different things, they don’t need to copy each other. (At least until Nora Jane gets a necklace…)


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Rosie & Rex A Nose for Fun!
by Bob Boyle
The main characters are a girl who wants to play tea party princesses and a boy who is obsessed with robots. Just when there seems to be no hope for a together play compromise, a real, huge, and tons-of-fun robot comes to help these siblings.
Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
Hazel and Twig: The Birthday Fortune by Brenna Burns Yu
Hazel is excited for her sister Twig’s first birthday. As the two prepare for the party and friends and family arrive, Hazel explains how at Twig’s first birthday called a doljabi, Twig will get to pick something that signifies her life’s path. Twig’s choice surprises everyone! What will it mean? They’ll have to wait and see. Muted watercolor illustrations with a sweet sister story illuminates a special Korean tradition.


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
The Big Fuzzy
by Caroline Castle , illustrated by Daniel Howarth
Little Sira and her baby brother are ice fishing when something big, white, and fearsome comes up to them. Baby brother happily feeds the Big Fuzzy (a polar bear) all of their fish! When a blizzard comes up, Big Fuzzy keeps the children warm and gives them a fish to eat in a nice plot twisting ending.
Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
A Dark, Dark Cave
by Eric Hoffman, illustrated by Corey R. Tabor
What a wonderful celebration of pretend play and imagination! A brother and sister bravely explore the dark cave where they see bats flying, and crawling things until their dad lifts the blanket of their fort and tells them they are being too loud and will wake the baby. What will they do next? How about horses?


Warm-Hearted Picture Books About Siblings
My Little Sister and Me
by Maple Lam
Today is a big day for this big brother — he gets to walk his little sister home from the bus stop all by himself. As they journey home, you see a caring big brother and sister relationship that ends in a sweet thank you note from little sister to big brother.


wonderful picture books about siblings


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