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sponsored PostWe found a fun science experiment book that is perfect for learning over summer vacation. (‘Cause we don’t want to see any summer slide around here.)

It’s Dr. Mollie Cule Reboots the Robot, Awesome Science Activities You Can Do at Home by Kendra Muntz, illustrated by Matt Carrington. Get it?– “molecule“! Cute, right?

Science Activity Book

Science Activity Book

And it is cute with cartoon-like illustrations and a fun story woven in throughout the activities.

When Dr. Mollie finds her grandfather (Doc U. Ment’s) secret room with his project manual and robot Axel, she tries to make Axel work.  To do so, she reads the manual and does the experiments. Little by little she gets Axel to work properly. And we can do the experiments right along with her.

Science Activity Book

I was very impressed by the easy-to-read and understand directions and information! This is a book that kids (depending on their ages) can take off with and do on their own. I love that.

Dr. Mollie Cule Science Activities

We just couldn’t wait until summer to get started on these experiments.

1. Stacking Liquids

First we tried the Stacking Liquids activity. This activity shows that different liquids have different densities, or weights.

Stacking liquids set up

It’s a bit tricky when you get to the oil and alcohol – pour carefully so you don’t mix the water and dish soap.

Dr. Mollie Cule Stacking Liquids Experiment

Ta-Da! Six layers of liquids stacked according to density.

Dr. Mollie Cule's Stacking Liquids Activity

2. S’More Plate Tectonics

Our Earth’s crust float on the mantle. When the plates move it’s called plate tectonics.

Dr. Mollie Cule's Plate Tectonics Activity

We created the lithosphere (plates) that float on the asthenosphere. There are two parts to the lithosphere – the solid crust (graham crackers- we used gluten-free) and a melty part of the mantle (we used a non-dairy chocolate bar.)

Dr. Mollie Cule s'More Plate Tectonics

Then we added the heat and pressure beneath the Earth’s surface. We watched for 10 seconds at a time as we microwaved our experiment.

Dr. Mollie Cule's Plate Tectonics Activity 2

Sure enough, the plates moved, and then hardened in a new position.

In Dr. Mollie Cule, we also learned that when plates scrape together, that’s when earthquakes happen.

To really appreciate this new knowledge, we thought why not feast on our experiment?

edible science activity - plate tectonics


Dr. Mollie Cule and the Summer Slide

Use Dr. Mollie Cule Reboots the Robot ($14.95) to help your kids stay thinking over the summer break. You’ll find a range of science topics from earth science to physics and chemistry.

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