3 Fun Summer Writing Prompts with Bubbles

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Want to sneak in writing this summer? I’ve got it 3 ideas that are going to be fun for you and your kids!

Summer Writing Prompts

You’ll need:

a bottle of bubbles, ingredients to make your own bubbles, paper and markers.

summer writing prompts

1. Use Your Five Senses

Now you want to get the bubbles blowing and the writing bubbling . . .

As your kids blow bubbles, start the writing process of brainstorming. (Channel your inner Robin Williams. Be enthusiastic!)

Start talking about what the bubbles . . .

LOOK like
TASTE like
TALK about
FEEL like
SOUND like 

Then, have your kids talk about what the bubbles look like, taste like, talk like, feel like and sound like, too.

Talk first.

Then write.

summer writing prompts

You’re simile making machines!

(I don’t think it matters if kids know these are similies — it just matters that they’re using their brains, writing, and having fun. But it’s up to you to decide.)

3. Can You Say B B B B B ubbles?

How fun it would be if you said lots of silly things that all start with “b”! (Alliteration)

Outloud start messing around with words, phrases and sentences that start with b!

Talk first.

Then, write down your favorites.

3. Write poems in Bubble Shapes

Another fun thing to do is to write about your bubbles in bubble shapes. Use your alliteration sentences or make up poems.

Who is going to get dizzy reading these?

summer writing prompts


Science Bubble Writing

The last idea is to do some comparison writing. Use three bubble solutions – 1 store bought and 2 homemade.

1. Write down each bubble solution recipe (or print out and paste on your papers) so you have them for later. Then start a new page with the three bubbles.

Homemade Bubbles – Recipe 1

Homemade Bubbles – Recipe 2

Store-bought Bubbles

2. Decide how you want to compare the solutions: size of bubbles, messiness, difficulty to pop, etc. Make columns for each comparison.

3. Blow your bubbles, compare, and write!

4. For extra fun, add in different wand shapes and compare those.

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