Best Children’s Board Books of 2015

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Ready for some tasty board books for those little hands to grab, hold, mouth, look at, explore, and enjoy? Because board books start babies and toddlers on the road to literacy! Here are the best children’s board books of 2015. Happy reading!

Best Children’s Board Books of 2015

Best Board Books 2015

Hi! by Ethan Long
Perfect for babies and toddlers, you’ll read this colorful, charming book over and over again with simple rhymes of animals saying Hello! (Moo / Hoo)

I See Kitty! by Yasmine Surovec
I have a kitty-lover in my house just like this little girl who wants a kitty so badly that she sees kitties everywhere. What a sweet story!

The Babies and Doggies Book by John Schindel and Molly Woodward
Kids love to see other kids (and animals) in photographs so this book is spot-on for the age group as it shares the fun antics that both babies and dogs do — things like cuddle, peek, sniff, and squirm.

Who’s There? by Alain Crozon
LIFT THE FLAPS. Lift-the-flaps covering the egg, apple, wing, fin, or nesting doll and see what you can find. I love the colors, the illustrations, and the onomatopoeia on each page — buzz, buzz, chomp, chomp. The flaps appear sturdy enough to withstand lots of kid-tugging.

Whose Tools? by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by Jim Datz
I love this clever book that helps kids think deductively. Clues and information help kids learn about different trades like carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, and painters.

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