Amazing Indestructible Books: Chew-Proof, Rip-Proof Baby Books

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If you’re looking for a chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof baby book that you can carry with you EVERYWHERE, then you need Indestructibles books from Workman Publishing.

Indestructible Books

Indestructible Books

These paper-like little Indestructible books are lightweight and basically “indestructible,” making them perfect for babies and toddlers learning about books.

Indestructible Books

The lightweight pages are chew-proof, rip-proof, non-toxic, and 100% washable! And the paperlike material is 100% nontoxic paper.

My friend’s one-year-old loves the Indestructibles. Babies can throw these across the room and drag them across the floor and the books will still be fine.

Granted, he mostly likes to play with them instead of read them.

But that’s okay! That’s actually perfect because the goal is not for babies to sit still and carefully turn pages.

The goal is to expose babies (and toddlers) to stories and books — and help them grow to LOVE books of all kinds.

And for grown-ups, these Indestructible books are perfect for on the go.

They aren’t heavy, and my friend can stick a stack in her diaper bag.

She loves having books with them when they’re out, and about in case, she finds time to read to him. Which she always does.

Amazingly, this sturdy little book series is up to 45 books! I’ll share some of my favorites below. (See all the books on Workman Publishing.)

Indestructible Books

Happy and You Know It!
by Vanja Kragulj
Sing the familiar song as you read the book, and look at the illustrations of happy kids acting it out!

This Little Piggy
by Vanja Kragulj
I love the illustrations because this Little Piggy story shows a pig family getting ready for a meal. You’ll notice that Little Piggy is riding on the back of mommy pig’s bicycle and saying “wee wee wee” in delight as they head home for a family meal.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Indestructibles)
by Maddie Frost
In this sweet book, you’ll read the classic nursery rhyme about the itsy bitsy spider and watch a rainy day turn into a sunny day.

rhyme with me
Rhyme with Me!
by Carolina Buzio Indestructibles
Darling, colorful, and, you guessed it, full of rhymes! This simple book gives kids a chance to see pictures and words that rhyme. It asks questions like, “Do you know what rhymes with SKY?” and shows pie, fly, and tie-in illustrations as well as written words. One of my favorite Indestructible books!

Let’s Be Kind (Indestructibles)
by Ekaterina Trukhan
Let’s be kind today…This book for babies and toddlers shares behaviors that exemplify kindness such as sharing our toys, helping around the house, and spending time together.

Busy City: 
Indestructibles by Maddie Frost
See people and vehicles living, playing, and working in a city. “Construction workers build,” says one page filled with big machines and people working, including noise sounds like “grr” and “clank”.

Hello, Farm: 
Indestructibles by Maddie Frost
In the same series of Indestructible books for babies and toddlers, this book takes place on a farm where we say hello to all the animals. Predictable text (hello, horses, hello, cows) makes this one that kids can memorize and “read” themselves. That’s literacy skill-building!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Indestructibles)
by Maddie Frost
An adorable mouse watches the sky and imagines all sorts of things before going to sleep.

Baby, Let’s Count! (Indestructibles)
by Ekaterina Trukhan
Practice counting animals with colorful illustrations and rhyme from one to ten.

Things That Go!
 (Indestructibles) by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Stephan Lomp
Learn about vehicles on the road, in the air, in town, on the construction site, and on the sea. Bright illustrations and interesting information make this the perfect Indestructible book choice for young readers.

Mary Had a Little Lamb by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Jonas Sickler
Mary had a little lamb in Africa with gorgeous illustrations!

Big and Little Indestructibles
by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Carolina Buzio
Compare the big baby with the little things in the baby’s world. “Baby is big. Ladybug is little.” Another adorable hit from Indestructible books.

Which Indestructible Books are your favorite?

If you're looking for a chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof baby book that you can carry with you EVERYWHERE, then you need Indestructibles books from Workman Publishing.



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