Book Series Kids Love: Grades 1 to 7

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Remember those days of binge-reading a favorite series like Nancy Drew? Book series give us so many rewards — least of all is having to find the next book to read because you still have 10 more to read in the series!

The same goes for our kids. Getting them hooked on a chapter book or middle-grade series keeps them engaged in reading stories that they love– and they don’t have to worry (for a while) about picking another book afterward. They can continue reading in the series and that means time on the page, in the story, loving words and stories and improving skills.


book series that kids love elementary middle

Book Series Kids Love: Grades 1 to 7

Book Series for 1st Graders

book series for 2nd gradeBook Series for 2nd Graders

book series for grade 3Book Series for 3rd Graders

Book Series for 4th Graders

book series grade 5Book Series for 5th Graders

Book Series for 6th Graders

Book Series for 7th Graders



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