Entertaining NEW Early Reader Books

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Affiliate Links Your beginning readers need good books (that make sense!) to read. Check out these new early reader books that are actually really entertaining.

While you are reading, play reading games. For example, try searching for words that begin or end with one sound. So search for words that begin with the “p” sound or end with a “d” sound.

Remember to track the words across the page left to right using your finger or a reading pointer while reading.

Happy reading!

Entertaining Early Readers

Petal and Poppy
Petal and Poppy
by Lisa Clough and Ed Briant Green Light Readers Level 2
What a fun and funny early reader book written in comic book style! Petal and Poppy are best friends that live together in a lighthouse. When Poppy the elephant starts to practice her tuba, Petal, the rhino, hates it so much she decides to go scuba diving. Well, both friends go out on the boat, tuba and all, and worrywart Poppy can’t stop thinking something bad is happening to Petal. It all works out in the end with lots of hilarious hijinks and silliness to get there. You’ll love that there are more Petal and Poppy books: Petal and Poppy and the Spooky Halloween and Petal and Poppy and the Penguin.

The Sea Monster
Steve & Wessley in The Sea Monster
by J.E. Morris Scholastic Level 1
Steve (a rat) and Wessley (a rabbit) see something floating in the water. Is it a sea monster? Of course not. Right? Written in comic book form, this is one of the best early readers I’ve seen with appropriate text to picture ratio, excellent illustrations, and an interesting story line.

Steve & Wessley Ice Cream Shop
Steve & Wessley in The Ice Cream Shop by J.E. Morris Scholastic Level 1
Steve can not get into that Ice Cream Shop AT ALL. He pushes and pushes the door but it doesn’t work. You’ll laugh when you realize with Steve’s his mistake. I love these simple stories – they’re funny and perfect for beginning readers.

Where's My Bike
Little Big Horse Where’s My Bike
by Dave Horowitz Scholastic Level 1
Pablo takes Little Big Horse’s bike. And breaks it! But it’s only a flat tire and Little Big Horse knows what to do to fix it. Very simple text, great illustrations, and an engaging story make this a new early reader favorite.

Tiny Goes BAck to School
Tiny Goes Back to School
by Cari Meister, illustrated by Rich Daivs Penguin Level 1
This is a great beginning reader with only a few words per page. I really like the story about a dog who doesn’t know commands such as “sit” and has to go back to doggy school.

LEGO Friends Perfect Pets
LEGO Friends Perfect Pets by Lisa Stock DK Readers 2
The level seems wrong on this book, I think it should be a 3 because there is a lot of text on each page. LEGO Friends enthusiasts will enjoy reading about the pets of each character. I like the LEGO Friends photo illustrations that accompany the text.

Miss Bindergarten and the Best Friends
Miss Bindergarten and the Best Friends
by Joseph Slate, illustrated by Ashley Wolff Penguin Young Reader 2
Vicky and Emily wear the same color clothing to school day after day. They may not be exactly twins but they are best friends. A sweet story your new readers will like.

Fly Guy Presents Sharks
Fly Guy Presents Sharks by Ted Arnold
Visit the aquarium with Buzz and Fly Guy to learn about sharks in this terrific easy non-fiction reader. I LOVE how Arnold combines the cartoons with photographs!

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