Storytelling Activities for Kids

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Affiliate Links Storytelling activities allows children to stretch their thinking and imaginations.

Here are more storytelling activities and ideas to inspire word play, storytelling, and writing.

Storytelling Play Activities for Kids

haikubes poetry game

1. Haikubes 

Haikubes are meant to inspire haiku but we use them to make silly sentences and start stories. They make a great centerpiece for the dinner table. Then you can play around with the words while you’re visiting and storytell to your hearts content.

Haikubes Storytelling Activities

1. Make a haiku. Read “How to Write a Haiku“.

2. Roll a cube and use the word to start a story or sentence.

3. Roll 10 cubes. Use as many as you can in a poem or sentence.

4. Build a story tower of words.

Look through the cubes and pull out the several inappropriate words. (a@* , hump, #@(!)

playing with haikubes

2. eeBoo Storytelling Cards

Tell Me a Story cards for storytelling

We own all the sets of eeBoo Story Cards because they’re WONDERFUL for storytelling! They are super fun for traveling and waiting rooms.

eeBoo Story Card Activities

1.Mix up the cards. Draw 5 from the pile. Use them together to tell a cohesive story with a beginning, middle, and end.

2. Modified Exquisite Corpse game: One person draws a card and starts a story using the card’s picture. The next person draws another card and continues the story using the new card. And so the story continues until someone wraps it up.

3. Categorize the cards: characters, action, setting, and things. Pick one from each pile and invent a story.

Have fun with these!

Think-ets 2

3. Think-ets

Each colorful pouch of Think-ets contain 15 tiny trinkets. My kids (and I) adore miniature objects. Something about tiny objects just invite play and pretend. They always inspire storytelling.

Think-ets Activities

1. Pick 5 trinkets. Use them to tell a story.

2. In a group, each person picks a trinket. Take turns inventing one continuous story using your trinket.

3. Think of a character and pick a trinket to incorporate as a problem into the story.

4. Place 8 trinkets on a table. Look and memorize what’s there. Everyone closes their eyes while 1 person takes away 1 trinket. The first one to accurately say which trinket was removed wins.


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Storytelling play ideas for kids

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  1. We have a few different sets of the eeBoo cards and love them. The Haikubes and Thinklets look very interesting – adding them to my Christmas list I think. Thanks for sharing 🙂