Roll and Play First Toddler Game

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Roll & Play Game for Toddlers toddler game

Ready for the BEST, most fun toddler game ever?

Roll and Play First Toddler Game

Kids and parents both love this game. It’s an active, whole family game that even the littlest can play.

How to Play Roll & Play:

1. Toss the plush cube.

2. Say what color you rolled then pick a matching color card.

3. Read and do what it says on the cards. There are 48 game cards in six age-appropriate categories: emotions, body parts, animals sounds, counting, colors, and actions.


Make an angry face. 
Moo like a cow.
Touch your belly button.
Jump eight times.
Find something blue.

Roll and Play First Game for Toddlers (toddler game)

Roll & Play builds a toddler’s language skills as well as knowledge about emotions, body parts, animals sounds, counting, colors, and actions as they do the different activities written on each card. I love that it gets kids learning while playing.

It also helps toddlers learn about taking turns and the joy of playing games together.

Roll & Play - a fun and interactive game for toddlers

What else do I like about Roll & Play? The size of the soft cube fits just right in little hands. The cards are easy to read and heavy duty. The actions are developmentally appropriate. Overall, it’s one of the best games that Think Fun makes. It’s a must own card game for families with toddlers.

Don’t you think this is a great first game for toddlers? 

Roll & Play 2 toddler game

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5 Responses

  1. Charlotte Ciraulo says:

    My little one is 4 and diagnosed with SPD. Is he too old for this? Where can I buy it?

    1. he’s not too old at all – you can buy it at or probably at most toy stores.

    2. he’s not too old at all – you can buy it at or probably at most toy stores.

  2. Jodie Rodriguez says:

    We’ve had this game for a few years and love it. It’s a great “first” game.

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