Innovative Thinking Game for Kids: Disruptus

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Disruptus Thinking Game

Want a thinking game for kids that will get them to actually think outside the box?

Disruptus is the game. It’s completely unique and innovative. It forces our brains really think creatively. (I’m positive this is harder for adults!)

Disruptus Thinking Game Play:

1. Roll the dice to see which type of “disruptive thinking” to do: CREATE, IMPROVE, TRANSFORM, DISRUPT.

2. Draw one (or 2 in some cases) object cards on it (such as a backpack, a stop sign, a toilet seat).

3. Draw / plan out your thinking.

Disruptus Game for Innovative Thinking

If you’re doing DISRUPT, you need to look at the picture, determine the purpose of the object, and come up with a different way to achieve the same purpose.

So a spoon helps you put food into your mouth. You would want to invent something that would achieve the same purpose.

If you’re doing IMPROVE, you must make the object better by adding or changing one or more elements of it.

Maybe you have sunglasses. You’d have to change something about the frame, lenses, or shape to improve it.

If you’re doing CREATE 2, you pick two objects and take any number of elements from each and use them to create a new object or idea. Put the spoon + sunglasses on the table and take elements from both to create . . . ?

Finally, to TRANSFORM, you use the object for a different purpose. If your object is a tennis racket, maybe that becomes a jewelry organizer or something.

Check out this quick video from Funnybone Toys to see a bit more of how to play Disruptus.

One player judges the winner of who they think has the best answer.

The game can be modified for younger kids or just ’cause you like to play it a particular way.


Isn’t Disruptus an ah-mazing game?

(And kind of hard, too!)

Do you think you want it for your family or classroom?

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  1. I love the idea of this game, I think my 2 older boys (9&8) would love it too. They can still think outside the box, so they will (probably) beat their parents every time!